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Autor: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-13: 9780078273742
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Timed Readings Plus in Science: Book 5: 25 Two-Part Lessons with Questions for Building Reading Speed and Comprehension

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Do your students fail to even "finish" a timed test? Do they read word by word? Do they simply move their eyes over the page, never remembering what they read?
If you suspect that students' test scores are being confounded by any of these traits, or if you have students who need to process greater amounts of information, the "Timed Readings" books can help.
For over thirty years, Jamestown has been helping students increase their reading rate and fluency while maintaining comprehension.
"Timed Readings Plus in Science" features 400-word nonfiction timed passages on current science topics, similar to those found on state and national tests.

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Autor: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-13:: 9780078273742
ISBN: 0078273749
Gewicht: 213g
Seiten: 118
Sprache: Englisch
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