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Autor: Patricia Illingworth
ISBN-13: 9780130453013
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Ethical Health Care

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1. Bioethics: Expanding our Horizon. Shifting Paradigms.The Bioethical Perspective.Questions of Justice.The History of Public Health.The Population Perspective.Recommended Readings. 2. The Building Blocks of Health. What is Health?Rene Dubois, Health and Creative Adaptation.Daniel Callahan, The WHO Definition of Health.What Makes Us Healthy?Scot D. Yoder, Individual Responsibility for Health, Decision Not Discovery.Geoffrey Rose, Sick Individuals and Sick Populations.Ichiro Kawachi, Bruce Kennedy, Kimberly Lochner, Long Live Community: Social Capital as Public Health.Finn Diderichsen, Timothy Evans, Margaret Whitehead, The Social Basis Of Disparities in Health.The Economics of Health.John K. Iglehart, The American Health Care System -- Expenditures.Wendy K. Mariner, Rationing Health Care and the Need for Credible Scarcity: Why Americans Can't Say No.Recommended Readings. 3. The Health of Individuals. What and Why Autonomy.Gerald Dworkin, Autonomy and Informed Consent.Leslie Blackhall, et al., Ethnicity and Attitudes Toward Patient Autonomy.David J. Rothman, The Origins and Consequences of Patient Autonomy: A 25-Year Retrospective.Shine v. Vega.Bouvia v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County.Garrett Hardin, The Tragedy of the Commons.Dan E. Beauchmp, Community: The Neglected Tradition of Public Health.Individual Responsibility for the Health of Others.Jacobson v. Massachusetts.In re A.C.Ferguson v. City of Charleston.Amitai Etzioni, HIV Sufferers Have a Responsibility.Ronald Bayer, AIDS Prevention--Sexual Ethics and Responsibility.Norman Daniels, Filial Obligations and Justice.The Implications of Autonomy.Beverly Rockhill, The Privatization of Risk.Gerald Dworkin, Taking Risks, Assessing Responsibility.Eike-Henner Kluge, Drawing the Ethical Line Between Organ Transplantation and Lifestyle Abuse.Recommended Readings. 4. The Ethical Obligations of Health Care Providers. The Ethical Obligation of Physicians and Other Providers.The Hippocratic Oath.Matthew Wynia et al., Medical Professionalism in Society.Dena S. Davis, Nursing: An Ethic of Caring.Helga Kuhse, Clinical Ethics and Nursing: "Yes" to Caring, But "No" to a Female Ethics of Care.The Obligation of Physicians to Provide Quality Care.Helling v. Carey.Steven H. Miles, Sounding Board: Informed Demand for 'Non-Beneficial' Medical Treatment.Marcia Angell, The Case of Helga Wanglie: A New Kind of 'Right to Die' Case.Ezekiel J. Emanuel, What is the Great Benefit of Legalizing Euthanasia of Physician-Assisted Suicide?Jerome E. Bickenbach, Disability and Life-Ending Decisions.Washington v. Glucksberg.The Obligation of Confidentiality.Whalen v. Roe.Roberta M. Berry, The Genetic Revolution and the Physician's Duty of Confidentiality.Amitai Etzioni, HIV Testing of Infants: Privacy and Public Health.Helena Gail Rubenstein, If I Am Only for Myself, What Am I? A Communitarian Look at the Privacy Stalemate.Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California.The Physician-Patient Relationship in the Era of Man
KEY BENEFIT "Ethical Health Care" provides an interdisciplinary perspective to bioethics, relying heavily upon the teachings of economics, law, and public health. KEY TOPICS The book explores with care and context the nature of the relationship between patients and clinicians, health care providers and the societies in which they live, and finally the relationship between the health care enterprise and the international community. MARKET For clinicians and other health care providers.

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Autor: Patricia Illingworth
ISBN-13:: 9780130453013
ISBN: 0130453013
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.07.2005
Gewicht: 816g
Seiten: 620
Sprache: Englisch
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