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Autor: Marshall Goldsmith
ISBN-13: 9780131402430
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 384
Gewicht: 513 g
Format: 229x154x22 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.05.2003

Global Leadership: The Next Generation

Financial Times (Prentice Hall
Foreword by Warren Bennis. Preface by John O'Neil. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Introduction. 1. Emerging Trends for Global Leaders. Five Emerging Characteristics of Global Leaders. Summary. 2. Thinking Globally. The Impact of Globalization. A World of Approaches. Gaining Experience. Think Globally, Act Locally. A Global Village. Conclusion. Resource Section: Thinking Globaly. Endnotes. 3. Appreciating Diversity. The Value of Diversity. Diversity Training and Development. Embracing Ideas and Perspectives. Motivating People. Teaching the Value of Diversity. Conclusion. Resource Section: Appreciating Diversity. Endnotes. 4. Developing Technological Savvy. Succeeding in Tomorrow's World. Recruiting Experts. Increasing Productivity. Conclusion. Resource Section: Developing Technological Savvy. Endnotes. 5. Building Partnerships. Creating Trust. Keeping It Positive. Forging Partnerships and Alliances across the Company. Building Teams. Creating Networks Outside the Organization. Conclusion. Resource Section: Building Partnerships. Endnotes. 6. Sharing Leadership. Partnerships and Mergers. Maximizing Talent. The Value of Collaboration. Fostering a Team Environment. Conclusion. Resource Section: Sharing Leadership. Endnotes. 7. Creating a Shared Vision. Creating a Vision. Getting Input from Others. Creating Momentum and Inspiring Others. Supporting the Vision with Strategy. Defining Roles and Priorities. Conclusion. Resource Section: Creating a Shared Vision. Endnotes. 8. Developing People. A Strategy for Developing and Retaining High-Impact Performers. Conclusion. Resource Section: Developing People. Endnotes. 9. Empowering People. Builds People's Confidence. Taking Risks; Giving Freedom. Hoarding Power Versus Encouraging Achievement. Conclusion. Resource Section: Empowering People. Endnotes. 10. Achieving Personal Mastery. Self-Awareness: The Mark of a Great Leader. Changing the Leadership Tradition. The Power of Congruency. Conclusion. Resource Section: Achieving Personal Mastery. Endnotes. 11. Encouraging Constructive Dialogue. Learning to Ask. Listening with an Open Mind. Accepting Constructive Feedback. Putting Yourself in Someone Else's Shoes. Welcoming New Ideas. Conclusion. Resource Section: Encouraging Constructive Dialogue. Endnotes. 12. Demonstrating Integrity. Personal Values. Organizational Values. Avoids Political or Self-Serving Behavior. Stand Up, Speak Up. Lives the Values. Conclusion. Resource Section: Demonstrating Integrity. Endnotes. 13. Leading Change. Change Is an Opportunity. Leadership Versus Management: Challenging the Status Quo. Flexibility. Encouraging Creativity. Translating Ideas into Results. Conclusion. Resource Section: Leading Change. Endnotes. 14. Anticipating Opportunities. Investigating Future Trends. Anticipating Future Opportunities. Looking to the Future. Develops Ideas to Meet the Needs of the New Environment. Conclusion. Resource Section: Anticipating Opportunities. Endnotes. 15. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction. Raising the Bar. Changing With the Customer. Customer Input. Keeping Commitments. Understanding the Competition. Conclusion. Resource Section: Ensuring Customer Satifaction. Endnotes. 16. Maintaining a Competitive Advantage. Performance: Faster, Better. Intellectual Capital. Eliminate Waste and Unnecessary Cost. Provide Great Products and Services. Achieving Long-Term Shareholder Value. Conclusion. Resource Section: Maintaining a Competitive Advantage. Endnotes. Conclusion: Using This Book to Help Develop Yourself as a Leader. Using This Book to Help Develop Your Team. Global Leadership: The Next Generation. Appendix A. Research Methodology for the Global Leader of the Future Project. Phases of Knowledge Development. Research Plan and Methods. Quantitative Survey Questionnaire. Profile of the Global Leader of the Future. Appendix B. The Global Leader of the Future Interview Questions. Personal Leadership Skills. Team Leadership Skills. Strategic Leadership Skills. Appendix C. The Global Leader of the Future Survey. Instructions for Completing the Inventory. Global Leader of the Future Inventory: 360-Degree Feedback Assessment. Appendix D. Statistical Methods. Summary. Bibliography. Books. Journals and Magazines. Newspapers. Studies. Websites. Index.
The follow-up to Marshall Goldsmith's 500,000-copy bestseller The Leader of the Future, Global Leadership: The Next Generation systematically identifies what tomorrow's leaders will need to know, do and believe in order to successfully lead the global enterprise of the future.
Autor: Marshall Goldsmith, Cathy Greenberg, Alastair Robertson
Marshall Goldsmith is one of the world's foremost authorities in helping leaders achieve positive, measurable change. Ranked a Wall Street Journal "Top 10" executive development consultant and profiled by The New Yorker, he is one of an elite few that has worked with over 50 CEOs. He co-founded the Alliance for Strategic Leadership, a leading US provider of customized leadership development, and designed the Leader of the Future Process for developing leaders consistent with an organization's vision and values. He co-edited The Leader of the Future, The Organization of the Future and The Community of the Future; and authored The Many Facets of Leadership (Financial Times Prentice Hall).

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Autor: Marshall Goldsmith
ISBN-13:: 9780131402430
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.2003
Gewicht: 513g
Seiten: 384
Sprache: Englisch
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