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Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

Bruce Perens' Open Source
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1. Fundamental Concepts. Understanding Mozilla Product Names. The XML Environment. Platform Concepts. The RAD Environment. Effective RAD Projects with Mozilla. Hands On: Cranking Up the Platform. Debug Corner: Debugging from Outside. Summary. 2. XUL Layout. XUL Means Boxes. Principles of XUL Layout. Box Layout Tags. A Box Improvement: and . General-Purpose XUL Attributes. Good Coding Practices for XUL. Style Options. Hands On: NoteTaker Boilerplate. Debug Corner: Detecting Bad XUL. Summary. 3. Static Content. XUL and HTML Compared. XUL Content Tags. Understanding Font Systems. Style Options. Hands On: NoteTaker Boilerplate. Debug Corner: The DOM Inspector. Summary. 4. First Widgets and Themes. What Makes a Button a Button? The Origins of XUL Widgets. XUL Buttons. Themes and Skins. Style Options. Hands On: NoteTaker Buttons and Themes. Debug Corner: Diagnosing Buttons and Skins. Summary. 5. Scripting. JavaScriptOs Role as a Language. Standards, Browsers, and Buch Riess Powered by Inooga