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Autor: Ronald J. Ebert
ISBN-13: 9780131441675
Einband: Sonstiges
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Gewicht: 64 g
Format: 228x152x4 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Business Essentials Student Access Kit

OneKey gives you access to the best teaching and learning resources all in one Web-based course system. For students OneKey includes a fully customizable eBook, current News Articles powered by Research Navigator, Chapter Quizzes, an English/Spanish Business Term Glossary, and Research Navigator. For instructors OneKey includes all student resources as well as all electronic instructor resources (Instructor Manual, Test Item File, PowerPoints), ability to customize the online textbook for students, online gradebook, online quizzing capabilities, and communication tools./ Full course is scheduled to be live by: 06/01/04/ Net price: Free in a package or $25.00 Stand Alone/ For more information please visit

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Autor: Ronald J. Ebert
ISBN-13:: 9780131441675
ISBN: 0131441671
Gewicht: 64g
Sprache: Englisch
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Sonstiges: Sonstiges, 228x152x4 mm