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Talking Environment: Vandana Shiva in Conversation with Ramin Jahanbegloo
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Talking Environment: Vandana Shiva in Conversation with Ramin Jahanbegloo

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Ramin Jahanbegloo
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Introduction; PART I: FROM DEHRADUN TO WESTERN ONTARIO; Affinities with Nature; An Interconnected World; The Gandhian Influence; Einstein and Love of Physics; Canada and Quantum Physics; The Chipko Movement and the Birth of Navdanya; PART II: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON GANDHI; Globalization and Nonviolence; Gandhi Today; The Ecology of Transformation; Are there any Gandhians Left?; PART III: THE DIVISION OF INDIA; What is left of Gandhi's India?; The New Liberal Paradigm in India; What Happened to the Indian Democracy?; Swadeshi and the Village Governance; An Atomistic Society; The Corporate Greed; Do We Need a New Gandhi?; Contemporary Insecurities; The War against Nature; The Economy of Death; PART IV: THINKING ECOFEMINISM; The Reductive Nature of Scientific Reasoning; The Conquest of Human Beings; The Two Levels of Reductionism; Gandhi: Conservative or Reformer?; Gandhi and Modernity; Gandhi and the Spiritualization of Politics; What is the Role of Techno-Sciencein our World?; A Care for Life; Biodiversity and the Plurality of Knowledge; Corporations and Scientists; The Feminism of Ordinary Women; The Future of Poverty in India; How Could Indians Fight Corruption?; The Sacredness of Life; PART V: SAVING THE ECOSYSTEM; Staying Alive; The Polarization of Gender; Going Beyond Capitalist Patriarchy; What is Earth Democracy?; The Seed Globalization; Knowledge as a Public Good; Anti-globalization and Public Awareness; PART VI: ENDING WITH ECO-IMPERIALISM; The Indian Cow; The Green Revolution in India and Its Responsibilities; Is the Indian Identity in Danger?; Building Resistance; Looking Back After Forty Years; The Future of the Indian Farmers; From Party Politics to Freedom of Thought
Iranian scholar Ramin Jahanbegloo interviews one of the most well-known environment activists of our time, Vandana Shiva, and in the process, addresses issues ranging from nature and spiritualism, the Chipko Movement and the birth of Navdanya, 'earth democracy', and 'seed globalization' to the functioning of neoliberal paradigm in India, swadeshi and village governance, corruption in India, the future of Indian farmers, and the relevance of Gandhi in the twenty-first century.

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