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Machines and Thought

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Peter Millican
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01, Legacy of Alan Turing

This is the first of two volumes of essays on the intellectual legacy of Alan Turing, whose work in artificial intelligence and computer science made him one of the seminal thinkers of the century. The Turing test, the Turing machine, and the Church-Turing thesis are all covered.
Introduction; 1. Subcognition and the Limits of the Turing Test; 2. Turing's Test and Conscious Thought; 3. The Turing Test: AI's Biggest Blind Alley?; 4. The Intentional Stance and the Imitation Game; 5. Machine as Mind; 6. Minds, Machines, and Godel: A Retrospect; 7. Human versus Mechanical Intelligence; 8. The Church-Turing Thesis: Its Nature and Status; 9. Measurement and Computational Description; 10. Beyond Turing Equivalence; 11. The Demise of the Turing Machine in Complexity Theory; 12. A Grammar-Based Approach to Common-Sense Reasoning; 13. Chaos: Its Past, its Present, but Mostly its Future; 14. The Hierarchies of Knowledge and the Mathematics of Discovery
This is the first of two volumes of essays in commemoration of Alan Turing, whose pioneering work in the theory of artificial intelligence and computer science continues to provoke wide discussion. The essays focus on three questions: What, if any, are the limits on machine "thinking"? Can a machine be genuinely intelligent? And, Might we ourselves be biological machines? Contributors include Chris Fields, Joseph Ford, Robert M. French, Anthony Galton, Robin Gandy, Clark Glymour, J. R. Lucas, Donald Michie, Peter Mott, Ajit Narayanan, Herbert A. Simon, Aaron Sloman, Ian Stewart, and Blay Whitby.

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