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Global Antitrust Compliance Handbook
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Global Antitrust Compliance Handbook

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D. Daniel Sokol
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A comprehensive reference guide covering critical antitrust compliance issues in 43 of the most important antitrust jurisdictions around the world.
Western Hemisphere; 1. Argentina; 2. Brazil; 3. Canada; 4. Chile; 5. Colombia; 6. Mexico; 7. Peru; 8. United States; Asia and Pacific; 9. Australia; 10. China; 11. Hong Kong; 12. India; 13. Israel; 14. Japan; 15. New Zealand; 16. South Korea; 17. Taiwan; 18. Turkey; Europe; 19. Austria; 20. Czech Republic; 21. Denmark; 22. Estonia; 23. European Union; 24. Finland; 25. France; 26. Germany; 27. Greece; 28. Hungary; 29. Ireland; 30. Italy; 31. Latvia; 32. Lithuania; 33. Netherlands; 34. Norway; 35. Poland; 36. Portugal; 37. Romania; 38. Russia; 39. Spain; 40. Sweden; 41. Switzerland; 42. United Kingdom; Africa; 43. South Africa
This multi-jurisdictional compliance guide offers a comprehensive and detailed multi-country review of critical antitrust compliance issues. The book outlines the laws and practice in forty three of the most important antitrust jurisdictions around the world - focusing on anticompetitive agreements, market power and monopolization, enforcement, arbitration and remedies.

With compliance requirements in mind, the book provides law firms and in-house lawyers with the necessary information to explore the changing global antitrust landscape.

Chapters in this guide follow a clear division to sections and include discussion of the enforcement priorities in each jurisdiction. Contributions to this book have been authored by leading competition law practitioners from their respective jurisdictions.

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