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Autor: Ann Radcliffe
ISBN-13: 9780198704430
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 496
Gewicht: 341 g
Format: 196x132x20 mm
Sprache: Englisch

The Italian

Oxford World's Classics
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The Italian (1797) is a gripping tale of love and betrayal, abduction and assassination, and incarceration by the Inquisition. Radcliffe's last and most unnerving novel exemplifies her definition of 'terror' writing, combining Romantic and Gothic elements and influencing countless later writers.
Introduction; Note on the Text; Select Bibliography; Chronology; The Italian; Explanatory Notes
'Among his associates no one loved him, many disliked him, and more feared him.' Father Schedoni is enlisted by the imperious Marchesa di Vivaldi to prevent her son from marrying the beautiful Ellena. Schedoni has no scruples in kidnapping Ellena and in undertaking whatever villainy will further his own ends. His menacing presence dominates a gripping tale of love and betrayal, abduction and assassination, and incarceration in the dreadful dungeons of the Inquisition. Uncertainty and doubt lie everywhere, in Radcliffe's last and most unnerving novel. Ann Radcliffe defined the 'terror' genre of writing and helped to establish the Gothic novel, thrilling readers with her mysterious plots and eerie effects. In The Italian she rejects the rational certainties of the Enlightenment for a more ambiguous and unsettling account of what it is to be an individual - particularly a woman - in a culture haunted by history and dominated by institutional power. This new edition includes Radcliffe's important essay 'On the Supernatural in Poetry',in which she distinguishes terror writing from horror.
Autor: Ann Radcliffe
Editiert von: Nick Groom
Ann Radcliffe (1764-1823) ist die "Grande Dame" der Gothic Novel, der unheimlichen Schauerliteratur des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts. Sie hat sechs Romane verfasst.

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Autor: Ann Radcliffe
ISBN-13:: 9780198704430
ISBN: 0198704437
Verlag: Oxford University Press
Gewicht: 341g
Seiten: 496
Sprache: Englisch
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Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 196x132x20 mm