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Autor: Stanley L. Paulson
ISBN-13: 9780198763154
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.1999

Normativity and Norms: Critical Perspectives on Kelsenian Themes

Hans Kelsen's legal philosophy and legal theory is regarded by many in the field as the most influential theory in this century. This volume makes available some of the best work extant on Kelsens' theory, including papers newly translated into English.
Abbreviations; Introduction; PART I. INTELLECTUAL DEBTS; 1. Foreword to the Second Printing of Main Problems in the Theory of Public Law (1923); 2. Kelsen's Earliest Legal Theory: Critical Constructivism; PART II. NORMATIVITY AND THE SCOPE OF KELSEN'S THEORY; 3. Kelsen Visited; 4. Kelsen's Theory of the Basic Norm; 5. The Basic Norm of a Society; 6. The Law as Pure 'Sollen' sui generis; 7. The Reception of Norms and Open Legal Systems; PART III. THE NORMATIVITY PROBLEMATIC: KANTIAN ARGUMENTS VERSUS KELSEN WITHOUT KANT; [PART III] A. A KANTIAN OR NEO-KANTIAN DIMENSION IN THE PURE THEORY OF LAW?; 8. Pure Theory of Law, 'Labandism', and Neo-Kantianism. A Letter to Renato Treves; 9. A Neo-Kantian Theory of Legal Knowledge in Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law; 10. The Hypothesis of the Basic Norm: Hans Kelsen and Hermann Cohen; 11. On the Transcendental Import of Kelsen's Basic Norm; [PART III] B. KELSEN WITHOUT KANT; 12. Some Confusions Surrounding Kelsen's Concept of Legal Validity; 13. Two Models of Legal Validity: Hans Kelsen and Francisco Suarez; 14. The Purity of the Pure Theory; 15. Methodological Syncretism in Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law; PART IV. TOWARD A THEORY OF LEGAL NORMS; [PART IV] A. RAMIFICATIONS OF KELSEN'S POST-1960 SHIFT; 16. An Antinomy in Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law; 17. Normativism or the Normative Theory of Legal Science: Some Epistemological Problems; 18. Norm Conflicts: Kelsen's View in the Late Period and a Rejoinder; [PART IV] B. ON THE EXPRESSIVE CONCEPTION OF NORMS; 19. Is and Ought; 20. The Expressive Conception of Norms; 21. The Expressive Conception of Norms: An Impasse for the Logic of Norms; PART V. POWERS, LEGAL POWERS, AND EMPOWERING NORMS; 22. Kelsen and Legal Power; 23. Reflections on Science, Law, and Power; 24. Voluntary Obligations and Normative Powers; 25. Legal Powers; 26. Powers and Power-Conferring Norms; PART VI. ON THE THEORY OF PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW; 27. Monism and Dualism in the Theory of International Law, (1938); 28. Sovereignty, (1962); 29. Kelsen's Doctrine of the Unity of Law; List of Contributors; Index of Subjects; Index of Names
Hans Kelsen's efforts in the areas of legal philosophy and legal theory are considered by many scholars of law to be the most influential thinking of this century. This volume makes available some of the best work extant on Kelsen's theory, including papers newly translated into English. The book covers such topics as competing philosophical positions on the nature of law, legal validity, legal powers, and the unity of municipal and international law. It also throws much light on Kelsen's intellectual milieu--as well as his intellectual debts.
Editiert von: Stanley L. Paulson, Bonnie Litschewski-Paulson
Stanley L. Paulson is Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, Washington University St. Louis. He is considered to be one of the leading authorities on Kelsen, and in conjunction with his wife translated into English the first edition of Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law , which has received wide acclaim.

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Autor: Stanley L. Paulson
ISBN-13:: 9780198763154
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.1999
Gewicht: 1125g
Seiten: 698
Sprache: Englisch
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