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The Oxford Handbook of the History of Nationalism

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John Breuilly
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Thirty-six essays by a team of leading scholars providing a global coverage of the history of nationalism in its different aspects - its ideas, its sentiments, and its politics.
Thirty-six essays by a team of leading scholars providing a global coverage of the history of nationalism in its different aspects - its ideas, its sentiments, and its politics.
1 John Breuilly: Introduction: Concepts, Approaches, Theories; Part I: The Emergence of Nationalism: Ideas and Sentiments; 2 Peter Burke: Nationalisms and Vernaculars, 1500-1800; 3 Erica Benner: Nationalism: Intellectual Origins; 4 Andreas Eckert: Anti-Western Doctrines of Nationalism; 5 John Hutchinson: Cultural Nationalism; Part II: The Emergence of Nationalism: Politics and Power; 6 Don H. Doyle and Eric Van Young: Independence and Nationalism in the Americas; 7 Michael Rowe: The French Revolution, Napoleon, and Nationalism in Europe; 8 John Breuilly: Nationalism and National Unification in Nineteenth-Century Europe; 9 Miroslav Hroch: National Movements in the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires; 10 Theodore R. Weeks: Separatist Nationalism in the Romanov and Soviet Empires; 11 Aviel Roshwald: Nationalism in the Middle East, 1876-1945; 12 Joya Chatterji: Nationalisms in India, 1857-1947; 13 David Henley: The Origins of Southeast Asian Nations: A Question of Timing; 14 Rana Mitter: Nationalism in East Asia, 1839-1945; 15 Bruce J. Berman and John M. Lonsdale: Nationalism in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa; 16 John M. Lonsdale: Anti-Colonial Nationalism and Patriotism in sub-Saharan Africa; Part III: Nationalism in a World of Nation States: Politics and Power; 17 John Darwin: Nationalism and Imperialism c.1880-1940; 18 Bruce J. Berman: Nationalism in Post-Colonial Africa; 19 Nicola Miller: Latin America: State-Building and Nationalism; 20 Susan-Mary Grant: State-Building and Nationalism in Nineteenth Century USA; 21 Oliver Zimmer: Nationalism in Europe 1918-1945; 22 Fred Halliday: Nationalism in the Arab World Since 1945; 23 Aaron William Moore: Nationalism in Northeast Asia Since 1945; 24 John T. Sidel: Nationalism in Post-Independence Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis; 25 Christophe Jaffrelot: Nation-Building and Nationalism: South Asia, 1947-1990; 26 Sabine Rutar: Nationalism in Southeastern Europe 1970-2000; Part IV: Nationalism in a World of Nation States: Ideas, Sentiments, and International Relations; 27 James Mayall: International Society, State Sovereignty, and National Self-Determination; 28 Richard Caplan: International Interventions in Nationalist Disputes; 29 Roger Eatwell: Fascism and Racism; 30 Montserrat Guibernau: Nationalism without States; 31 Yves Deloye: National Identity and Everyday Life; Part V: Challenges to the World of Nation States; 32 John Schwarzmantel: Nationalism and Socialist Internationalism; 33 Peter van der Veer: Nationalism and Religion; 34 Cemil Aydin: Pan-Nationalism of Pan-Islamic, Pan-Asian, and Pan-African Thought; 35 Jurgen Oesterhammel: Nationalism and Globalization; Part VI: Nationalist Historiography; 36 Paul Lawrence: Nationalism and Historical Writing
The Oxford Handbook of the History of Nationalism comprises thirty six essays by an international team of leading scholars, providing a global coverage of the history of nationalism in its different aspects - ideas, sentiments, and politics. Every chapter takes the form of an interpretative essay which, by a combination of thematic focus, comparison, and regional perspective, enables the reader to understand nationalism as a distinct and global historical

The book covers the emergence of nationalist ideas, sentiments, and cultural movements before the formation of a world of nation-states as well as nationalist politics before and after the era of the nation-state, with chapters covering Europe, the Middle East, North-East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas. Essays on everday national sentiment and race ideas in fascism are accompanied by chapters on nationalist movements opposed to existing nation-states,
nationalism and international relations, and the role of external intervention into nationalist disputes within states. In addition, the book looks at the major challenges to nationalism: international socialism, religion, pan-nationalism, and globalization, before a final section considering how
historians have approached the subject of nationalism.

Taken separately, the chapters in this Handbook will deepen understanding of nationalism in particular times and places; taken together they will enable the reader to see nationalism as a distinct subject in modern world history.

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