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Autor: A. P. Cowie
ISBN-13: 9780199285624
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Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2009

The Oxford History of English Lexicography

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VOLUME I: GENERAL-PURPOSE DICTIONARIES ; 1. Introduction ; PART I. EARLY GLOSSARIES; BILINGUAL, AND MULTILINGUAL DICTIONARIES ; 2. Glosses, Glossaries, and Dictionaries in the Medieval Period ; 3. Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries of the Renaissance and Early Seventeenth Century ; 4. Bilingual Dictionaries of the Late Seventeeth and Eighteenth Centuries ; 5. Bilingual Dictionaries of the Nineteenth to the Twentieth Centuries ; 6. Bilingual Dictionaries of English and Russian in the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries ; PART 2. THE HISTORY OF ENGLISH MONOLINGUAL DICTIONARIES ; 7. The Early Development of the English Monolingual Dictionary Seventeenth and Early Eighteenthth Centuries ; 8. Johnson and Richardson ; 9. Major American Dictionaries ; 10. The Oxford English Dictionary ; 11. The OED Supplements ; 12. National and Regional Dictionaries of English ; 13. Dictionaries of Scots ; 14. The Period Dictionaries ; 15. Dictionaries of Caribbean English ; 16. The Electronic OED: the computerization of a historical dictionary ; References ; Index of Names ; Index of Subjects ; VOLUME II: SPECIALIZED DICTIONARIES ; PART 1. DICTIONARIES SPECIALIZED ACCORDING TO ORDERING OF ENTRIES, TOPICAL OR LINGUISTIC CONTENT, OR SPEECH COMMUNITY ; 1. Dictionaries of Synonyms and Thesauri ; 2. Scientific and Technical Dictionaries ; 3. Dictionaries of Place-names ; 4. Dictionaries of Personal Names ; 5. Pronouncing Dictionaries - i Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries ; 6. Pronouncing Dictionaries - ii Mid to Late-Nineteenth Century ; 7. Syntagmatic and Phraseological Dictionaries ; 8. Dictionaries of Quotations ; 9. English Etymological Dictionaries ; 10. Dialect Dictionaries ; 11. Slang and Cant Dictionaries ; PART 2. DICTIONARIES SPECIALIZED ACCORDING TO USES AND USERS ; 12. Dictionaries of Usage ; 13. The American Collegiate Dictionaries ; 14. The Earliest Foreign Learners' Dictionaries ; 15. Linguistic Research and Learner's Dictionaries: The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ; 16. The Cobuild Project ; 17. Dictionaries in Electronic Form ; References ; Index of Names ; Index of Subjects
The fullest account ever published of the lexicography of English describes its history from medieval glosses to a high-tech industry and covers English in all its varieties, including American English. A unique reference uniting scholarship with readability.
Editiert von: A. P. Cowie
A. P. Cowie is Honorary Reader in Lexicography at the University of Leeds. He was co-editor of the third edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary and chief editor of the fourth edition. He is the co-editor of the Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms and was editor of the International Journal of Lexicography from 1998 to 2003. His books include English Dictionaries for Foreign Learners: A History (OUP, 1999) and, aseditor, Phraseology: Theory, Analysis, and Applications (OUP, 1998). He is currently preparing the second edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms by A. P. Cowie, R. Mackin, and I. R. McCaig.

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Autor: A. P. Cowie
ISBN-13:: 9780199285624
ISBN: 0199285624
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2009
Gewicht: 2136g
Seiten: 1312
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 254x184x92 mm