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Autor: Jane D. Chaplin
ISBN-13: 9780199286331
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Seiten: 496
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2008


Oxford Readings in Classical S
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Introduction; I. OUTLOOK; 1. The Dating of Livy's First Decade; 2. Livy's Preface; II. STRUCTURE; 3. The Structure of Livy's History; 4. Structuring Roman History: the Consular Year and the Roman Historical Tradition; 5. Design and Structure in Livy: 5.32-55; III. LANGUAGE AND STYLE; 6. Comedy, Wit, and Humour in Livy; 7. Literary Techniques of Livy; 8. The Style of Livy; 9. Form and Language in Livy's Triumph Notices; IV. NARRATIVE; 10. An Introduction to Books 29 and 30; 11. Livy and the Story of Horatius I.24-26; 12. Livy's Comic Narrative of the Bacchanalia; V. CULTURAL HISTORY; 13. The Religious Position of Livy's History; 14. The Body Female and the Body Politic: Livy's Lucretia and Verginia; 15. Livy's Revolution: Civic Identity and the Creation of the res publica; VI. SOURCES AND WORKING METHODS; 16. Livy and his Sources; 17. Livy's Sources and Methods of Composition in Books 31-33; 18. Livy and Polybius
Eighteen important recent essays on the work of Livy, which together present a picture of this creative and acutely observant historian writing during the Augustan principate. An Introduction summarizes previous scholarship and contextualizes each essay; and each is followed by an addendum and suggestions for further reading.
Editiert von: Jane D. Chaplin, Christina S. Kraus
Christina S. Kraus is Professor of Classics at Yale University.

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Autor: Jane D. Chaplin
ISBN-13:: 9780199286331
ISBN: 0199286337
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.2008
Seiten: 496
Sprache: Englisch
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