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Autor: Timothy Endicott
ISBN-13: 9780199290963
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Properties of Law: Essays in Honour of Jim Harris

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Foreword; I; Legal Theory; 1. J.W. Harris's Kelsen; 2. Interpreting Normativity; 3. Reductionism and Explanation in Legal Theory; 4. Scepticism and Scandinavian Legal Realists; 5. Precedent, Morality and Judicial Discretion in Statutory Interpretation; II; Property; 6. Weak and Strong Conceptions of Property; 7. Property And Ownership; 8. The Morality of James Harris's Theory of Property; 9. Ownership, Co-ownership, and the Justification of Property Rights; 10. Plants, Torts, and Intellectual Property; 11. The Legacy of Penn v. Lord Baltimore; 12. Property, Personality, and Violence; III; Precedent; 13. Towards Principles of Overruling in a Civil Law Supreme Court; 14. The Rationality of Tradition; IV; Human Rights; 15. Judging Rights in a Democratic South Africa; 16. Invoking Human Rights; 17. The Infant in the Snow; 18. Matter Matters; Bibliography of the Works of Jim Harris
This book comprises essays in law and legal theory celebrating the life and work of Jim Harris. The topics addressed reflect the wide range of Harris's work, and the depth of his influence on legal studies. They include the nature of law and legal reasoning, rival theories of property rights and their impact on practical questions before the courts; the nature of precedent in legal argument; and the evolving concept of human rights and its place in legal
Editiert von: Timothy Endicott, Joshua Getzler, Edwin Peel
Jim Harris: Fellow & Tutor in Law, Keble College, Oxford from 1973 until his death in 2004. Professor since 1997. Formerly Lecturer at the LSE. A distinguished scholar principally in the fields of philosophy and property, and especially the philosophy of property, he had recently turned his attention to human rights; a topic he was actively working on at his untimely death. His major works include Property & Justice (1996) and Law and Legal Science(1979). He was best known to generations of students for his work Legal Philosophies (1980).

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Autor: Timothy Endicott
ISBN-13:: 9780199290963
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2006
Gewicht: 757g
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Sprache: Englisch
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