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Yankee Red: Nonorthodox Marxism in Liberal America

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Robert a. Gorman
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Contributions in Women's Studi

Yankee Red describes a new Marxism. This is not the frozen formula Marxism; the philosophy of the orthodox, disciplined organizations that have failed in America. This book describes an institutionally unfocused Marxism enlivened by the real life experiences of liberal American workers, civil rights activists, feminists, self-governing neighborhood and civic associations and others on the fringes of democracy's socialist mainstream. Robert A. Gorman examines the evolution of Marxian theory and practice in the context of both orthodoxy and U.S. liberalism. Yankee Red, with its analytical and historical framework, its focus on key thinkers, and its attention to evolving left tactics, will appeal to students and scholars of American politics and history, political theory, Marxism, philosophy, civil rights, women's, and religious studies. Gorman's study begins with a prologue addressing the two cultures of Marxism in America: orthodox Marxism and neo-Marxism. He traces the history of American Marxism, discussing its many setbacks through the years, including government persecution and public apathy.
The book highlights the contributions to Marxism by many prominent individuals: key thinkers, home grown radicals, new leftists, feminists, analytical marxists, and many others. In the conclusion to the book, Gorman addresses the problems facing America as its middle class vanishes.

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