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The Soviet Challenge in the 1990s

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Stephen J. Cimbala
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In this volume, distinguished academics, researchers, and government and military strategists look ahead to the 1990s and examine probable trends in the U.S.-Soviet relationship over the course of the next decade.
Part 1 Nuclear deterrence and major conventional wars - policy and strategy options: the Soviet strategic triad in the 1990s, Daniel Goure; Soviet strategic defense, Carnes Lord; Nato and the changing Soviet concept of control for theatre war, John G.Hines and Phillip A.Petersen. Part 2 The management of geostrategic conflict - escalation, control and war termination: strategic priorities and US options - escalation and extended war, Colin S.Gray; Soviet C3 - present and future questions for US policy, Stephen J.Cimbala; winning war and peace, Col James E.Toth. Part 3 Low intensity conflicts and the Soviet challenge - internal and external dimensions: the US and unconventional conflicts - responses and options, Sam C.Sarkesian; the Soviet navy in the Third World, Roger Hamburg and John Allen Williams. Part 4 Resources, power projection and the global Soviet challenge: soviet military power and American defence resources - competition and scarcity, Lawrence J.Korb; commercial warfare and national security - outlasting the Kremlin in a protracted conflict, John E.Starron, Jr. Part 5 Conclusion: the Soviet challenge in the 1990s - peaceful offensive or operational entrapment?, Stephen J.Cimbala.
As the Soviet enigma becomes increasingly elusive to Western analysts, the readings in this book examine whether the Soviet challenge of the 1990s can best be characterized as peacefully offensive or as operational entrapment.

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