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Burning Books and Leveling Libraries: Extremist Violence and Cultural Destruction

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Rebecca Knuth
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Following her analysis of officially sanctioned destruction of books and libraries in Libricide, Knuth now turns to the broader problem of extremists' attacks on intellectual heritage committed in the name of political, religious, or social causes.
Preface; * Introducing Modern Biblioclasm; * Tracing the Path of Extremism From Robespierre to Milosevic; * GRAPPLING FOR VOICE AND POWER: Political Protestors and Amsterdam's South African Institute, 1984; * Ethnic Biblioclasm, 1980-2005; * ABSOLUTE POWER AND THE DRIVE TO PURIFY SOCIETY: National Socialism and the Destruction of Berlin's Institute for Sexual Knowledge, 1933; * Secular Fanaticism and the Auto-Genocide of Cambodia, 1975-1979; * Fundamentalism and the Destruction of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage, 1994-2001; * WAR, POWER VACUUM, AND ANARCHY: Dueling Ideologies and Total War, 1939-1945; * Anarchy and Acquisitive Vandalism, 1967-2003; * Errors of Omission and Cultural Destruction in Iraq, 2003; * Index.
In her previous book Libricide, Knuth focused on book destruction by authoritarian regimes: Nazis, Serbs in Bosnia, Iraqis in Kuwait, Maoists during the Cultural Revolution in China, and the Chinese Communists in Tibet. But authoritarian governments are not the only perpetrators. Extremists of all stripes--through terrorism, war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and other forms of mass violence--are also responsible for widespread cultural destruction, as she demonstrates in this new book. Whether the product of passion or of a cool-headed decision to use ideas to rationalize excess, the decimation of the world's libraries has occurred throughout the 20th century, and there is no end in sight. Cultural destruction is, therefore, of increasing concern to the library community, educators, human rights and civil rights activists, and caring citizens.

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