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Critical Perspectives in Management Control

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The papers in this critique of management control are all published for the first time. They are classified under two headings: theoretical discussions and six empirical studies including the glass and coal industries, the accountancy and nursing professions, and local government treasuryship.
Notes on the Contributors - PART 1 CRITIQUE IN CONCEPT - Introduction; the editors - The Problems of a Pardigm: A Critique of the Prevailing Orthodoxy in Management Control; T.Lowe & T.Puxty - A Strategy for the Development of Theories in Management Control; D.T.Otley - Accounting as Social Science: Abstract Versus Concrete Sources of Accounting Change; T.Lowe & A.M.Tinker - Authority, Accountability and Accounting; A.J.Berry - Power and Management Control; D.J.Cooper & K.Robson - Ideology, Rationality and the Management Control Process; T.Puxty & W.F.Chua - Accounting and the Pursuit of Social Interests; A.G.Hopwood - PART 2 CRITIQUE IN ACTION - Labour and Deskilling: A Critique of Managerial Control in the Glass Industry; J.Black & F.Neathey - The Management and Control of Experts and Expertise: The Case of the Nurse; W.F.Chua - Accounting in the Production and Reproduction of Culture; T.Capps, T.Hopper, J.Mouritsen, D.J.Cooper & T.Lowe - The Accounting Profession, Corporatism and the State; D.J.Cooper, T.Puxty & T.Lowe - Authority or Domination: Alternative Possibilities for the Practice of Control; J.Roberts - Professional Authority and Resource Allocation: Treasurers and Politics in UK Local Governments; D.Rosenberg - PART 3 AUTOCRITIQUES - Autocritique I; K.Maunders - Autocritique II; H.Willmott - Index
Management control is developing as a vigorous area of academic research. New Perspectives in Management Control provided a survey of the area. This second monograph is avowedly critical and constitutes the first sustained critique of management control.

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