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China in Transition
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China in Transition

Issues and Policies
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D. Teather
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First-hand information from contributors who have lived and worked in Hong Kong and ChinaContemporary and controversial issues and policies of China, very topicalReputation of editors
Acknowledgements Introduction; D.C.B.Teacher & H.S.Yee PART I: POLITICAL AND LEGAL ISSUES New Intellectual Currents in the People's Republic of China; W.Meissner Grassroots Political Participation in Rural China; H.S.Yee & Wang J. Public Maladministration and Bureaucratic Corruption; S.S.H.Lo Legal Reform in the Quest for a Market Economy; Carlos W.H.Lo PART II: FOREIGN POLICY ISSUES Sino-American Relations in the Post-Cold War Era; Ting W. Sovereignty Disputes across the Taiwan Straits; Chen Y.H. PART III: ECONOMIC ISSUES China's Regional Development Issues; Li Si M. Rural Industrialization and International Trade; Zhang X. The Challenge of Sustainable Development; K.K.Wong PART IV: SOCIAL ISSUES The Political Economy of Anti-Poverty in Socialist China; L.T.Chuen The Evolution of Family Planning Policies; Siu Y.M. List of Tables and Figures
The authors focus on the important, controversial issues and policies of contemporary China. These include new intellectual currents and re-assessment of socialism in the PRC, grassroots political participation in rural China, public maladministration and bureaucratic corruption, and legal reform.

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