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The Future of Shopping
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The Future of Shopping

Traditional Patterns and Net Effects
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Julian E. Markham
242x166x20 mm

Introduction PART ONE Little New in the Shopping Centre and Retail World The Personal Experience of Shopping It's Not Enough to Do it Well, Do it New The World Wide Web, Internet, Cyberspace and Retail Locations Is There a Substitute for the Real Thing? Information Appliances PART TWO Traditional Shopping, from Bazaars to Shopping Centres From Merchants to the Modern Consumer Boom, Effects on Towns Out of Town and Town Centres Town Centre Economies and Planners' Attitudes PART THREE Technology Creating Haves and Have-nots PART FOUR Is Shopping a Bore? Being Digital and Big Brother PART FIVE Giving the Customer what they Want PART SIX Computer Literacy PART SEVEN Power Centres, Online, TV and Catalogues Shopping on the Net and Security Convenience, Comparison and the Retail Results Price, Convenience, Electronic Retailing and the Internet Store PART EIGHT The American Shopping Centre Experience and UK Trends PART NINE A View of the Future?
In many countries shopping has been transformed from High Street stores to large out-of-town Retail Parks and Shopping Centres. Technology now provides the opportunity for many products and services to be promoted and purchased electronically, particularly via the Internet. This will progress differently for different products, regions, consumer groups, etc. This book presents future scenarios for the retail industry in the light of Internet shopping. Through its unique perspective, it examines developments so far, and through the insight of the author who is one of the leading professionals in shopping centre developments, takes an inspired look at the future of retailing in the next century.

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