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Globalization and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific
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Globalization and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific

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A. Davidson
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Globalization, democratic rights of economic and political migration authoritatively examinedEditors and contributors publishing records and involvement in policymaking First book to assess all angles and increasingly topical issues of migration, cultural changes and citizenship in Asia-Pacific
Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction; K.Weekley PART I: CITIZENSHIP IN THE GLOBAL CONTEXT Citizenship and the Other in the Age of Migration; S.Castles Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific: A Survey of Contemporary Issues; G.Hassall PART II: ORDER-CREATING CITIZENSHIP Australia's Citizenship Void; B.Galligan and J.Chesterman Globalization and Citizenship in Malaysia; T.Rajamoorthy Citizenship in Papua New Guinea; G.Hassall and S.Singin Australia's Journey Towards a Multicultural Citizenship; A.Jordens The Democratizing Function of Citizenship in the Philippines; M.S.Diokno PART III: EMPOWERMENT-CREATING CITIZENSHIP The Concept of Citizenship in the People's Republic of China; L.Buyun and W.Yuzhang Citizenship and Sustainable Development in the Philippines; M.L.Dacanay Democracy and Culture in Tonga; M.Koloamatangi Indigenous Peoples and the Globalization of Rights; M.Dodson PART IV: TOWARDS A SHARED THEORY OF CITIZENSHIP Never the Twain Shall Meet? Europe, Asia and the Citizen; A.Davidson Index
Millions of people around the Asia-Pacific region are suffering from the twin effects of globalization and exclusionary nationality laws. Some are migrant workers without rights in host countries; some are indigenous peoples who are not accorded their full rights in their own countries. Yet others are refugees escaping from regimes that have no respect for human rights. This collection of essays discusses the ways in which citizenship laws in the region might be made consistent with human dignity. It considers the connectedness of national belonging and citizenship in East and Southeast Asian and Pacific states including Australia; the impact of mass migration, cultural homogenization and other effects of globalization on notions of citizenship; and possibilities of commitment to a transnational democratic citizenship that respects cultural difference.

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