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Russia and Europe: Conflict or Cooperation?
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Russia and Europe: Conflict or Cooperation?

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M. Webber
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Topicality; includes up-to-date analysis of debate on KosovoAnalysis of Russia's interaction with Europe in the post-Cold War periodFocuses on balance between conflict and cooperation
List of Tables Preface List of Abbreviations Notes on the Contributors Introduction: Russia and Europe, Conflict or Cooperation?; M.Webber The Place of Europe in Russian Foreign Policy; M.Bowker Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; C.Kennedy-Pipe Russia and the European Union; J.Gower Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe; D.Lynch Russia and the Council of Europe; M.Webber Russia and Issues of Demilitarization; D.Averre Russia and the Former Yugoslavia; M.Andersen Conclusion: Russia and Europe, Trajectories of Development; M.Webber Index
This volume focuses on how Russian policy toward Europe (and sometimes, by extension, the West more broadly) has developed since the end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. It argues that important aspects of cooperation have endured in the relationship despite all the vicissitudes of Russian domestic politics and at a time of flux in the international relations of the European continent. This cooperation has, at times, been fragile and has not prevented some obvious and deep-seated disagreements. It has, however, survived. Indeed, Russia and Europe have increasingly 'routinized' their relationship in a range of formal multilateral institutions.

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