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Social and Political Development in Post-reform China
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Social and Political Development in Post-reform China

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K. Mok
225x148x22 mm

Very readable
List of Tables Foreword Preface Acknowledgements Map of China Introduction: Economic Growth, Quiet Social Revolution and Political Transformation PART I Preface Prosperity or Disparity: Economic Growth and People's Livelihood Social Development and Quality of Life PART II Preface Marginalization and Restratification: State Workers under the Socialist Market Economy Market Economy and the Intellectuals PART III Preface Professional Autonomy and Private Education Economic Prosperity or Democratization: China at a Crossroads Conclusion: An Unfinished Revolution in Post-reform China Notes References Appendix Index
This book is a sociological study of how economic reforms, started in the late 1970s, have affected people's life in China. The book is based upon the author's recent research projects conducted in mainland China. The unique feature of the book is not only based upon qualitative analysis but also quantitative data, the integration of which can enhance readers' understanding of current social and political developments in post-Mao China. In particular, the book aims to depict a context and sociological framework for the analysis of the dynamic and interactive processes between economic, social and political fronts.

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