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The Changing Face of Maritime Power
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The Changing Face of Maritime Power

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A. Dorman
417 g
216x140x16 mm

Internationally renowned scholars
Contributors Tradition and Innovation in Maritime Thinking; M.Lawrence Smith and M.R.H.Uttley Alfred Thayer Mahan and the Utility of US Naval Forces Today; G.Baer Sir Julian Corbett and the Twenty-First Century: Ten Maritime Commandments; G.Till 'History is the Sole Foundation for the Construction of a Sound and Living Doctrine.' The Royal Naval College Greenwich and Doctrine Development down to BR1806; A.Lambert BR1806, Joint Doctrine and Beyond; E.Grove Constraints on UK World Power Projection and Foreign Policy in the New World Order: The Maritime Dimension; M.Clarke Gunboat Diplomacy: Outmoded or Back in Vogue?; M.H.Murfett International Peace Support Operations from a Maritime Perspective; M.Pugh Maritime Power in the 1990-91 Gulf War and the Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia; T.Benbow The Measurement of Naval Strength in the Twenty-First Century; N.Polmar The Land/Sea Dimension: The Role of the Army in Future Warfare; C.McInnes The Royal Air Force and the Future of Maritime Aviation; C.J.M.Goulter 'Back to the Future': The Royal Navy in the Twenty-First Century; A.Dorman The Changing Face of Maritime Power; M.Lawrence Smith and M.R.H.Uttley Index
The end of the Cold War has affected debates about maritime strategy, doctrine, operations and technology. What has emerged is an intellectual reconsideration of the theory and practise of maritime power. This volume addresses these themes in a systematic and over-arching way, and brings together contributions from internationally renowned scholars. It focuses on the implications for western navies of shifts in strategic thinking, maritime doctrine, technology and naval roles.

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