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Redrawing the Map of Europe
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Redrawing the Map of Europe

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M. Emerson
216x140x22 mm

Authority and reputation of author as economist, diplomat, ambassador and writer on European affairsNew vision of Europe's history and future, illustrated by 16 detailed maps from Roman Empire to Europe's minorities todayIntegrated analysis of current economics, politics and international relations, in context of Europe's geographic, cultural and linguistic identitiesOutlines possible futures: 'Europe of blocks', 'Brussels Europe', 'security Europe', and how to achieve a new 'civil Europe'Topical subject matter: European integration, monetary union, enlargement and security
Introduction Integration Conflict Economics Security Institutions Rules and Maps References Annexes Index
Michael Emerson draws on a rare experience of Europe's new political and economic structures - from Brussels to Moscow - to explain Europe's contradictory tendencies towards both integration and conflict. He confronts the two strategic issues for the Europe of the early 21st century: how to ensure success for the Euro and how to stabilise the wider Europe with a strong structure for EU-Russian relations. He draws distinctions between the different Europes - geographic Europe, the European Union, 'Security Europe' (based around NATO) and the emerging 'Civil Europe'. The author argues that 'Civil Europe' could be the basis of a new European golden age, and outlines the far-reaching institutional and cultural changes required to achieve this.

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