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Macmillan: A Publishing Tradition, 1843-1970
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Macmillan: A Publishing Tradition, 1843-1970

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E. James
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Major exploration of thousands of letters from Macmillan's files
List of Plates Foreword: J.Sutherland Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Abbreviations Introduction Macmillan Biographies, 1843-1965, and Chronology: Compiled by J.Handford 'To you in your vast business': Some Features of the Quantitative History of Macmillan, 1843-91; S.Eliot From Parnassus to Grub Street: Matthew Arnold and the House of Macmillan; B.Bell Thomas Hardy and the House of Macmillan: A Comedy in Chapters; M.Millgate A Note on 'Macmillan's Magazine'; Margaret Oliphant and 'Macmillan's Magazine'; G.Worth 'Letters to Macmillan': An Addendum. Sir Samuel White Baker's Letters to Macmillan; M.Bott 'And Sacred is the Latest Word': Macmillan and Tennyson's 'final' text; M.Millgate Macmillan in India: A Short Account of the Company's Trade with the Subcontinent, of the People who Traded and the Goods they Sold, of the Problems they Faced, the Solutions they Found and the Profits they Made; R.B.Chatterjee Letters from America: The Bretts and the Macmillan Company in New York; E.James W.B.Yeats on the Road to St. Martin's Street, 1900-1917; W.Gould A Risk-Bearing Author: Maynard Keynes and His Publishers; D.E.Moggridge 'Not a Tear or a Prayer in it': Gwen Raverat's Illustrated Edition of The Runaway ; F.Spalding From Carroll to Crompton: The Work of a Children's Publisher; M.Wace Macmillan: or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since; N.Barker Index
For over one hundred and fifty years, since its founding in 1843, Macmillan has been at the heart of British publishing. This collection of essays, representing recent research in the archives at the British library, examines the firms' astute business strategy during the nineteenth century, its successful expansion into overseas markets in America and India, its complex and intriguing relations with authors such as Matthew Arnold, Thomas Hardy, Alfred Lord Tennyson, W.B.Yeats, and J.M.Keynes, with additional chapters on Macmillan Magazine and the work of a modern children's editor.

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