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Institutions and Institutional Change in the Federal Republic of Germany
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Institutions and Institutional Change in the Federal Republic of Germany

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L. Helms
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1 Detailed account of development of German political institutions2 Written by leading German scholars
3 Timely publication
List of Figures and Tables Preface List of Contributors Introduction: Institutional Change and Adaptation in a Stable Democracy; L.Helms The Bundestag - Still the Centre of Decision-making?; K.von Beyme The Federal Presidency: Parameters of Presidential Power in a Parliamentary Democracy; W.Rudzio The Federal Government: Variations of Chancellor Dominance; K.Niclauss The Federal Constitutional Court: Institutionalising Judicial Review in a Semisovereign Democracy; L.Helms The Federal System: Breaking Through the Barriers of Interlocking Federalism? R.Sturm The Electoral System: More Continuity than Change; E.Jesse Monetary Institutions: Maintaining Independence in Times of Fiscal Stress; U.Wagschal Parties and the Party System: Pluralisation and Functional Change within Limits: O.Niedermayer Interest Groups: Continuity and Change of German Lobbyism since 1974; M.Sebaldt Index
This volume offers a detailed account of German political institutions as they have developed over the last decades. Each of the individual chapters, written by leading German specialists, provides a balanced assessment of the institution under consideration as well as the more recent political research in the given field. The extended introductory chapter by the editor gives an overview of how the institutional system of the Federal Republic has combined the conflicting tasks of political stability and adaptation.

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