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The The History of Anglo-Japanese Relations, 1600-2000
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The The History of Anglo-Japanese Relations, 1600-2000

Volume I: The Political-Diplomatic Dimension, 1600-1930
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The History of Anglo-Japanese Relations, 1600-2000

1 First book in a comprehensive five-volume series - nothing similar in English language2 Editors' reputations
3 Specialist contributors
4 Comprehensive coverage of political relations between the two countries from seventeenth century to present day
5 Very little competition in this area
Foreword Preface List of Contributors Anglo-Japanese Relations, 1600-1858; D.Massarella Aspects of Early Anglo-Japanese Relations; K.Eiichi, translator S.Hisayo The Opening of Japan and the Meiji Restoration, 1837-1872; K.Yozo , translator M.Yasuhiro The Conflict of Co-operation: British Naval Surveying in Japanese Waters, 1845-1899; W.G.Beasley The Era of the Unequal Treaties, 1858-1899; J.Hoare From Unequal Treaty to the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1867-1902; I.Yuichi The Opening of the Twentieth Century and the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1895-1923; M.Shigeru Anglo-Japanese Relations, 1902-1923: A Marriage of Convenience; D.Steeds Anglo-Japanese Co-operation in China in the 1920s; G.S.Harumi Echoes of Alliance, 1920-1930; I.Nish Index
The Political-Diplomatic Dimension, 1600-1930, consists of parallel essays by Japanese and British academic specialists covering comprehensively the history of relations between Japan and Britain from the first contacts in the seventeenth century to the present. This study, and its companion, Volume 2, demonstrates that, in the political-diplomatic sphere, while there have been periods of serious disagreement, there has been on the whole a relationship of harmony and mutual understanding.

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