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Ideologies of Breast Cancer
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Ideologies of Breast Cancer

Feminist Perspectives
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L. Potts
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Topicality - Breast Cancer Awareness month October 1999Continuing rise in the incidence of breast cancer means the disease is of significant concern to many womenOffers a range of intellectual approaches and critical methods; most existing books focus on a particular disciplinary angle while this book offers a plurality of meaningExplicitly eschews a medical/clinical approach
Preface Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Introduction PART I: MEANINGS OF BREAST CANCER Problematizing Biomedicine: Women's Constructions of Breast Cancer Knowledge; J.Fosket Sexualised Illness: The Newsworthy Body in Media Representations of Breast Cancer; C.Saywell Racing for the Cure, Walking Women, and Toxic Touring: Mapping Cultures of Action within the Bay Area Terrain of Breast Cancer; M.Klawiter Publishing the Personal: Autobiographical Narratives of Breast Cancer and the Self; L.Potts PART II: DISCOURSES OF RISK AND BREAST CANCER Controversies in Breast Cancer Prevention: The Discourse of Risk; C.Simpson Reconstructing the Body or Reconstructing the Woman? Problems of Prophylactic Mastectomy for Hereditary Breast Cancer Risk; N.Hallowell Assessing Breast Cancer: Risk, Science and Environmental Activism in an 'At Risk' Community; J.Fishman Index
Ideologies of Breast Cancer provides a unique consideration of the role of this increasingly common disease. By drawing together a wide range of recent contemporary thought and research, sharing a feminist perspective which asserts the presence of women with the disease, the many meanings of breast cancer are revealed. Individual chapters consider issues of risk, environmental justice, political activism in California, women's construction of breast cancer knowledge, popular media representations of the disease, and published autobiographical narratives.

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