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The Work Connection: The Role of Social Security in British Economic Regulation
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The Work Connection: The Role of Social Security in British Economic Regulation

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J. Stewart
490 g
225x143x20 mm

Contains topical debate on current social policy and welfare in Britain
Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: Welfare to Work-Welfare: Making the Connection to Work The Conservatives, Neo-liberalism and Social Security Policy: The Development of Market Workfare 'New Labour' and the Modernization of Welfare: Extending Market Workfare Rôle Models and Traditional Moralities: The Development of In-Work Relief for Lone Mothers Taming 'Barbarians': Young Men, the Patriarchal Family and In-work Relief Speenhamland: In-work Relief at the Dawn of Modernity Family Allowances to Child Benefit: Keynesian In-work Relief Delivered by Beveridge? Conclusions: Regulation and Income Maintenance into the Twenty-first Century References Index
The authors use regulation to explain the antecedents to current welfare developments in Britain. From discussion of the 'Speenhamland System', the struggle for Family Allowance and a National Minimum Wage, they show how first a Conservative government in the 1970s, and more recently 'New Labour', have used in-work benefits so that today they have become the preferred instrument of intervention in the labour market for setting wages. The authors discuss the ways in which these measures - the new deals for lone parents and young people and the working family tax credit - address issues of child poverty and the adequacy of incomes, and how far they are disciplining devices to encourage a new moral order, supportive of family life.

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