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The Politics of Ballistic Missile Nonproliferation
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The Politics of Ballistic Missile Nonproliferation

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W. Bowen
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Southampton Studies in International Policy

1 Issues of missile, chemical and biological proliferation are highly topical in light of Iraq's behaviour over UN weapons inspections2 Authoritative analysis of US foreign policy-making and implementation at a key juncture: the end of the Cold War and the emergence of a new security paradigm
3 Author's experience as UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq
Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction Glossary PART I: BALLISTIC MISSILE PROLIFERATION AND THE AMERICAN RESPONSE 1950-89 Ballistic Missile Proliferation The Pre-1989 Evolution of US Missile Nonproliferation Policy PART II: THE POLITICS OF BALLISTIC MISSILE NONPROLIFERATION 1989-93 The Bush Administration and the MTCR Congress and Missile Nonproliferation Beyond the MTCR: Negotiating the Adherence of Non-Regime Suppliers to the Nonproliferation Norm Conclusion Bibliography Index
During the presidency of George Bush (1989-93), the proliferation of nuclear chemical and biological weapons, and the ballistic missiles capable of delivering them, rose greatly in significance as issues on the American security agenda. In the missile field, this became evident by the efforts of certain elements in the executive branch and several congressmen to improve domestic and international implementation of the Missile Technology Control Regime. The Politics of Ballistic Missile Nonproliferation examines the political, bureaucratic and systemic issues that interacted to determine the outcome of these efforts.

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