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Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe: The Bund at 100
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Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe: The Bund at 100

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J. Jacobs
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Bund at 100

First major analysis of the Jewish Workers' Bund - the first Jewish political party in Eastern Europe
Acknowledgements Glossary Notes on the Contributors Foreword; F.Tych Introduction; J.Jacobs PART ONE: IN THE YEARS OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE Khevres and Akhdes: The Change in Jewish Self-Organization in the Kingdom of Poland before 1900 and the Bund; F.Guesnet The Bundist Press: A Study of Political Change and the Persistence of Anachronistic Language During the Russian Period; S.Marten-Finnis The Influence of the 'Polish Question' on the Bund's National Program, 1897-1905; J.Zimmerman Russian Bundists in Exile, 1898-1925; C.Weill PART TWO: THE BUND IN POLAND BETWEEN THE TWO WORLD WARS Creating a Bundist Counter-Culture: On Morgnshtern and the Significance of Cultural Hegemony; J.Jacobs Kossovsky, Portnoy and Others: The Role of Members of the Bund's Founding Generation in the Inter-War Polish Bund; G.Pickhan The Bund: History of a Schism; A.Brumberg The Bund Organization in Lodz, 1898-1939; P.Samus The Bund and its Contribution to Cultural Life in Poland Between the Two World Wars; N.Cohen PART THREE: OTHER SOCIALISTS AND THE BUND The Jewish Social Democratic Party of Galicia and the Bund; R.Kuhn From Conflict to Cooperation: The Bund and the Polish Socialist Party, 1897-1939; P.Wróbel Austromarxism and the Jews in Galicia; J.Bunzl German Social Democrats and Polish Bundists in Exile in London, 1939-1945: Memoirs; S.Miller The Bund and the Labour and Socialist International; M.Kessler PART IV: THE HOLOCAUST AND POST-HOLOCAUST YEARS The National Ideology of the Bund in the Test of Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust (1933-1947); D.Blatman The Bund after the Holocaust: Between Renewal and Self-liquidation; D.Engel Was There a Future for Polish Jewry? Bundist and Zionist Polemics in Post-World War II Poland; N.Aleksiun Between New York and Moscow: The Fate of the Bund Archives; M.Web The Concept of National Cultural Autonomy: The First 100 Years; Y.Peled Index
A collection of new, scholarly articles on the Jewish Workers' Bund - the first modern Jewish political party in Eastern Europe - written by prominent academics from eight countries. This work represents a broad range of perspectives, Jewish and non-Jewish, sympathetic to the Bund and critical of its work. The articles in this volume are fresh, make use of previously unused source material, and provide us with new perspectives on the significance of the Bund and its ideas.

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