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First World, Third World
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First World, Third World

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W. Ryrie
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Author's high reputation as author, top British civil servant, a World Bank official and with Commonwealth Development CorporationRadical critique of failures of development to eradicate poverty and proposals for a new way for the futureNew fully updated edition of very well-received major book on the future of aid - see reviews
List of Tables and Figures Foreword to the Second Edition Acknowledgements Introduction Half a Century of International Development Success or Failure The Illusion of State-Managed Development The Market Revolution Global Capital Flows Is Capitalism Right for the Third World? Re-Inventing Aid The International Finance Corporation What Future for the World Bank and IMF? The Collapse of the Second World Where Now? Twenty Propositions about Development and Aid Notes and References Index
This new updated and extended edition of First World, Third World examines the failures of aid to eliminate poverty. The world development effort can claim only limited success, and in some parts of the world, especially Africa, failure must be recognised. William Ryrie, while starting from a position of sympathy with the aims of the aid effort, insists that the record must be analysed with ruthless honesty. Well-intentioned aid has often had perverse and harmful effects. One of these has been to undermine the working of the market economy, which offers the best hope for development and growth. His book proposes a new approach to the development task which would reconcile it with market philosophies.

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