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Multinational Firms, Cooperation and Competition in the World Economy
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Multinational Firms, Cooperation and Competition in the World Economy

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Peter J. Buckley
21.6x13.8x cm

1 Peter Buckley is one of the founding forefathers of the subject in Europe2 Key area of research interest3 Good potential for international sales (previous Buckley collections have good export sales records)
Foreword by V. N. Balasubramanyan Introduction PART ONE: THEORY OF MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE Models of Multinational Enterprise with Mark C. Casson The Investment Development Path - the Case of Portugal with Francisco B. Castro PART TWO: FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT AND FOREIGN MARKET SERVICING STRATEGY Analysing Foreign Market Entry Strategies: Extending the Internalisation Approach with Mark C. Casson Atlantic Foreign Direct Investment Flows with Jeremy Clegg Transfer Pricing and Economics Functions Analysis: the Japanese Paradigm with Jane Frecknall-Hughes Foreign Direct Investment in Japan: Theoretical Explanation and Evidence from European Direct Investors PART THREE: INTERNATIONAL JOINT VENTURES AND ALLIANCES Measures of Performance in UK International Joint Ventures with Keith W. Glaister Management-Performance Relationships in UK Joint Ventures with Keith W. Glaister The Use of Native Categories in Management Research with Malcolm Chapman The Management of Co-operative Strategies in R&D and Innovation Programmes with Malcolm Chapman Cross-Border Governance in Multinational Enterprises
This innovative book contains key works which examine the current operations of large firms in the global economy. It explores vital areas of international strategy such as knowledge management, international transfer pricing, international joint ventures and alliances and issues of cross-border governance. All of this is accomplished within a consistent theoretical framework - the internalisation theory of the multinational firm. This framework is further extended to encompass contemporary issues such as coping with volatility in the modern world economy and the search for flexible strategies by multinational firms.

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