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The Politics of Sex and Other Essays: On Conservatism, Culture and Imagination
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The Politics of Sex and Other Essays: On Conservatism, Culture and Imagination

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R. Grant
490 g
216x140x19 mm

1 Brings together the most memorable pieces by one of Britain's most prolific and controversial essayists2 Written with great wit and verve, the author cheerfully ignores academic convention and appeals to the reader outside the university sector
3 Foreword by Raymond Tallis
4 Topics range from opera to pornography, from Havel to Shakespeare
5 Includes a previously unpublished correspondence on Tolstoy between the author and the late Sir Isaiah Berlin
PART ONE: PRACTICE VERSUS THEORY Conservatism: An Outline Edmund Burke Michael Oakeshott The Unknown Oakeshott Writer and Ideology: Three Case-Studies The Disenchanted Flute: Opera and the Rule of the Concept PART TWO: CULTURE AND SOCIETY On Culture The Politics of Sex The Politics of Death Culture, Technology and Value Organic Society: A Note Four Cheers for Normality Home Truths: C.R. Mackintosh and the House Beautiful PART THREE: THE TRUTH OF FICTION Religion, Art and the Limits of the Sayable Statecraft and Metapolitics in Shakespeare Jane Austen: Ethics And Social Order Trollope, Tact and Virtue Tolstoy and Enlightenment: An Exchange with Isaiah Berlin Aerodromes and Aspidistras: The Worlds of Thirties Fiction The Survivor's Guilt: Wiesel and Sciascia Index
These essays cover topics as radically diverse as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Václav Havel, The Magic Flute and Viz magazine. All have been published before, and many have already proved controversial. The author, a leading Oakeshott scholar, contributes frequently to the TLS . Witty, moving and erudite, his prose is also conspicuously graceful and clear. This collection is addressed as much to the educated general reader as to the academic specialist. It includes an otherwise almost unobtainable exchange with Sir Isaiah Berlin.

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