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Semiotics, Marketing and Communication: Beneath the Signs, the Strategies
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Semiotics, Marketing and Communication: Beneath the Signs, the Strategies

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J. Floch
399 g
224x144x17 mm
International Marketing Series

This is the first book of structural semiotics devoted to marketing and communication applications and demonstrates the managerial relevance of semiotics
Beyond the Text, No Salvation: The Semiotic Approach Are You a Surveyor or Daydreamer? Developing a Behavioural Typology of Railway Users A Star is Born: Defining Visual Recognition for Crédit du Nord Refusing Euphoria: A Disagreement Among Pharmaceutical Laboratories and General Practitioners 'I Love, I Love, I Love': Automotive Advertising and Consumer Value The Contribution of Structural Semiotics to the Design of a Hypermarket IBM and Apple's Logo-Centrism Selected Bibliography of Semiotics
Semiotics is concerned with the signs and meanings that are attached to linguistic and non-linguistic things and events. As such it plays an increasingly important role within marketing as marketing is seen in terms of exchange relationships that entail psychological and social, as well as physical and financial meanings. Products therefore become 'symbols for sale'. In studying semiotics, marketers can better understand consumer behaviour and how to be effective in their marketing communications. Jean-Marie Floch provides an excellent introduction to the potential offered by a semiotic approach to a variety of marketing and communication problems or situations. This book will be of great value to anyone interested in knowing how to build meaning for a target audience. Key semiotic concepts and principles are gradually introduced using real life studies to ease the presentation of the terminology and to show the managerial relevance of each research step.

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