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The Plunder of Jewish Property During the Holocaust: Confronting European History
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The Plunder of Jewish Property During the Holocaust: Confronting European History

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A. Beker
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Topical subject matter of restitution of Jewish plundered property
Preface; E.M.Bronfman & I.Singer Notes on the Contributors Map Introduction: Unmasking National Myths: Europeans Challenge their History; A.Beker A Neglected Task: Restoring Stolen Assets; S.Eizenstat And It All But Disappeared; S.Zabludoff The Holocaust, Thefticide, and Restitution: A Legal Perspective; I.Cotler Righting an Historic Wrong: The Case in Eastern Europe; L.Weinbaum A Commentary of Europe's Looted Gold, 1938-1945; A.L.Smith Jr. German Assets in Switzerland: End of World War II: S.Kabludoff Why was Switzerland Singled Out?; A.Beker The Great Culture Robbery: The Plunder of Jewish-Owned Art; H.Feliciano France and Burdens of Vichy; S.Trigano Quiet Collusion: Sweden's Financial Links to Nazi Germany; S.F.Hedin & G.Elgemyr 'Ex-Enemy Jews': The Fate of the Assets of Holocaust Victims and Survivors in Britain; S.Ward & I.Locke The Norwegian Moral and Material Statement: White Paper No. 82 to the Storting - Norwegian Ministry of Justice Austria: The Evasion of Responsibility; I.Levine Franco's Spain: Willing, Unwanted Ally of Nazi Germany; C.Vidal Portugal's Double Game: Between the Nazis and the Allies; A.Luca The Robbery of Dutch Jews and Post-War Restitution; G.Aalders Italy: Aspects of the Unbeautiful Life; F.Moroni The Vatican and the Shoah: Unanswered Questions of Material Complicity; A.Doobov Confiscation in Belgium; V.Teitelbaum-Hirsch Index
More than fifty years after the Holocaust, European and other countries are confronting newly-emerging memories and guilt-filled ghosts from the past. The campaign for the restitution of Jewish property stolen during the Holocaust touched a raw nerve within European society and, together with the end of the Cold War and generational change, created a need to re-evaluate conventional historical truths. A group of experts joined together to review in this book how the issue was dealt with in different countries and how national myths must be re-examined.

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