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Quantum Theory of Conducting Matter: Superconductivity
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Quantum Theory of Conducting Matter: Superconductivity

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Shigeji Fujita
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This book explains the microscopic theory of superconducting properties with calculations using quantum statistical methods. The book shows how the Bose-Einstein Condensation Theory is applied to two-dimensional superconductors and quantum Hall systems.
The microscopic theory of superconducting properties is explained with step-by-step calculations using quantum statistical methods
Superconductors-Introduction.- Electron-Phonon Interaction.- The BCS Ground State.- The Energy Gap Equations.- Quantum Statistics of Composites.- Quantum Statistical Theory.- Quantum Tunneling.- Compound Superconductors.- Supercurrents and Flux Quantization.- Ginzburg-Landau Theory.- Josephson Effects.- High Temperature Superconductors.- Doping Dependence of T c .- The Susceptibility in Cuprates.- d-Wave Cooper Pair.- Transport Properties Above T c .- Other Theories.- Summary and Remarks.
Major superconducting properties including zero resistance, Meissner effect, sharp phase change, flux quantization, excitation energy gap, Josephson effects are covered and microscopically explained, using quantum statistical mechanical calculations. First treated are the 2D superconductivity and then the quantum Hall effects. Included are exercise-type problems for each section. Readers can grasp the concepts covered in the book by following the worked-through problems. Bibliographies are included in each chapter and a glossary and list of symbols are given in the beginning of the book.
The book is based on the materials taught by S. Fujita for several courses in Quantum Theory of Solids, Advanced Topics in Modern Physics, and Quantum Statistical Mechanics.

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