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The Biomedical Laser
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The Biomedical Laser

Technology and Clinical Applications
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Leon Goldman
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The Laser: A Revolution in Medical Care.- 1 Introduction to the Laser in Medicine.- 2 Basic Reactions in Tissue.- 3 Safety with Biomedical Lasers.- 4 Instrumentation for Laser Biology and Laser Diagnostic Medicine.- Laser Uses in Biology.- 5 Flow Cytometry: The Use of Lasers for Rapid Analysis and Separation of Single Biological Cells.- 6 Current Developments in Laser Microirradiation.- 7 Laser Fluorescent Microirradiation: A New Technique.- Surgery: The Laser-From Incision to Wound Closure.- 8 The Laser Operating Room.- 9 The Sharplan Carbon Dioxide Laser in Clinical Surgery: Seven Years' Experience.- 10 Laser Surgery in Gynecology.- 11 Techniques of Laser Colposcopic Surgery.- 12 Laser Eye Instrumentation: Diagnostic and Surgical.- 13 Laser Doppler Velocimetry in the Measurement of Retinal Blood Flow.- 14 Technical Problems of Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgery in the Rectum.- 15 Laser Biomedical Engineering: Clinical Applications in Otolaryngology.- 16 Techniques of Laser Burn Surgery.- 17 Neurosurgical Laser Techniques.- 18 Laser Instrumentation in Dermatology: Diagnosis and Treatment.- 19 The Carbon Dioxide Laser in Head and Neck and Plastic Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages.- 20 The Technique of Gastrointestinal Laser Endoscopy.- 21 A Review of Soviet Techniques in Laser Instrumentation for Medicine and Biology.- Medicine: The Laser in Diagnosis and in the Promotion of Healing.- 22 Tissue Diagnosis by Laser Transillumination and Diaphanographic Methods.- 23 Investigative Studies of Laser Technology in Rheumatology and Immunology.- The Future.- 24 Laser Medical Technology for the Twenty-first Century.- 25 Now and the Future: The Many Challenges to Laser Medicine and Surgery.
The laser's range of application is extraordinary. Arthur Schawlow says, "What instrument can shuck a bucket of oysters, correct typing errors, fuse atoms, lay a straight line for a garden bed, repair detached retinas, and drill holes in dia monds?"O The laser's specifically biomedical uses cover a similarly broad and interesting spectrum. In this book, I have endeavored to convey some of the fas cination that the laser has long held for me. It is my hope that both clinicians and researchers in the various medical and surgical specialties will find the book a use ful introduction. Biologists, particularly molecular biologists, should also find a great deal of relevant information herein. This volume's distinguished contributors provide admirably lucid discussions of laser principles, instrumentation, and current practice in their respective special ties. Safety, design, capabilities, and costs of various lasers are also reviewed. We have aimed to create a practical text that is comprehensive but not exhaustive. Our emphasis on the practical, rather than the esoteric, is dictated not only by the short history of biomedical laser use, but by the extent of the community to which this information will appeal.

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