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Computer Science and Statistics: Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on the Interface
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Computer Science and Statistics: Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on the Interface

Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on the Interface, Held March 12 and 13, 1981 at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Keynote Address.- Statistical Theory and the Computer.- Automated Edit and Imputation.- Developing an Edit System for Industry Statistics.- Design of Experiments to Investigate Joint Distributions in Microanalytic Simulations.- Descriptive Statistics Used in Monitoring Edit and Imputation Processes.- Do Statistical Packages Have a Future?.- The Effect of Personal Computers on Statistical Practice.- Statistical Software Design and Scientific Breakthrough: Some Reflections on the Future.- Some Thoughts on Expert Software.- Fourier Transforms in Applied Statistics.- How Fast is the Fourier Transform?.- Polynomial Time Algorithms for Obtaining Permutation Distributions.- Efficient Estimation for the Stable Laws.- Algorithms and Statistics.- Applications of Statistics to Applied Algorithm Design.- Algorithms with Random Input.- Recent Results on the Average Time Behavior of Some Algorithms in Computational Geometry.- Genuinely Statistical Methods in the Theory of Algorithms.- Pattern Recognition.- Applications of Pattern Recognition Methods to Hydrologic Time Series.- Recent Advances in Bump Hunting.- Pattern Recognition in the Context of an Asbestos Cancer Threshold Study.- Histologic Patterns and Random Chromatic Graphs.- Volume Testing of Statistical Programs.- Volume Testing of Statistical/Database Software.- Scientific Information Retrieval (SIR/DBMS).- Volume Testing of Statistical Software - The Statistical Analysis System (SAS).- Solving Complex Database Problems in P-STAT.- Volume Testing of SPSS.- Volume Testing of Statistical Systems.- Random Number Generation.- In Search of Correlation in Multiplicative Congruential Generators with Modulus 231 - 1.- Portability Considerations for Random Number Generators.- Generating Discrete Random Variables in the Computer.- Generation of Random Variables by Thinning of Poisson Processes.- Understanding Time Series Analysis.- Recent Developments in Spectrum and Harmonic Analysis.- On Some Numerical Properties of ARMA Parameter Estimation Procedures.- Time Series Recursions and Self-Tuning Control.- Measurement and Evaluation of Software.- On Measurement and Evaluation of Software: A View from the Chair.- Can Statistical Methods Help Solve Problems in Software Measurement?.- Measuring the Performance of Computer Software - A Dual Role for Statisticians.- Software Metrics: Paradigms and Processes.- A Proposal for Structural Models of Software Systems.- Software Metrics: A Key to Improved Software Development Management.- Orthogonalization: An Alternative to Sweep.- Orthogonalization-Triangularization Methods in Statistical Computati ons.- Research Data Base Management.- Simple Query Language Requirements for Research Data Management.- Data Editing on Large Data Sets.- Data Archiving: A New(?) Set of Problems for Research Data Management Systems.- Graphical Methods and Their Software.- Census Bureau Statistical Graphics.- Mosaics for Contingency Tables.- The Use of Kinematic Displays to Represent High Dimensional Data.- Contributed Papers.- Order Statistics and an Experiment in Software Design.- Further Approximation to the Distributions of Some Transformations to the Sample Correlation Coefficient.- Using Linear Programming to Find Approximate Solutions to the Fields to Impute Problem for Industry Data.- Using Computer-Binned Data for Density Estimation.- On the Nonconsistency of Maximum Likelihood Nonparametric Density Estimators.- Computer Program for Krishnaiah's Finite Intersection Tests for Multiple Comparisons of Mean Vectors.- Approximating the Log of the Normal Cumulative.- A Kth Nearest Neighbour Clustering Procedure.- Interactive Statistical Graphics: Breaking Away.- Interactive Graphical Analysis for Multivariate Data.- SLANG, A Statistical Language for Descriptive Time Series Analysis.- On the Parameter Estimation in Queueing Theory.- Statistical Computation with a Microcomputer.- On the Exact Distribution of Geary's U-Statistic and its Application to Least Squares Regressi
The 13th Symposium on the Interface continued this series after a one year pause. The objective of these symposia is to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas of common concern to computer scientists and statisticians. The sessions of the 13th Symposium were held in the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel, Gateway Center, Pittsburgh. Following established custom the 13th Symposium had organized workshops on various topics of interest to participants. The workshop format allowed the invited speakers to present their material variously as formal talks, tutorial sessions and open discussion. The Symposium schedule was also the customary one. Registration opened in late afternoon of March 11, 1981 and continued during the opening mixer held that evening: The formal opening of the Symposium was on the morning of March 12. The opening remarks were followed by Bradley Efron's address "Statistical Theory and the Computer." The rest of the daily schedule was three concurrent workshops in the morning and three in the afternoon with contributed poster sessions during the noon break. Additionally there were several commercial displays and guided tours of Carnegie-Mellon University's Computer Center, Computer Science research facilities, and Robotics Institute.

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