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The Production of Speech
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The Production of Speech

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Peter F. MacNeilage
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I Control Processes in Speech Production.- 1 Central Processes Involved in Arm Movement Control.- I Introduction.- II Experiments and Results.- III Conclusion.- References.- 2 Laryngeal Gestures in Speech Production.- I Introduction.- II Basic Laryngeal Gestures.- III Laryngeal Articulatory Adjustments.- IV Conclusion.- References.- 3 Dynamic Characteristics of Voice Fundamental Frequency in Speech and Singing.- I Introduction.- II Fundamental Frequency Contour of Isolated Words.- III Fundamental Frequency Contour of Sentences.- IV Pitch Control in Singing.- References.- 4 The Segmental Organization of Speech.- I Introduction.- II Segments and the Treatment of Time.- III Models of Segmental Organization in Speech.- IV The Nature of Articulatory Variability.- V Segmental Organization in Backward Speech, Developing Speech, and Apraxia of Speech.- VI Conclusion.- References.- 5 Development of Speech Production: Perspectives from Natural and Perturbed Speech.- I Introduction.- II Perceptual Factors.- III Cognitive Factors.- IV Motor Factors.- V Speech Motor Development: Theoretical Issues.- VI A Preliminary Bite Block Study with Two Normal Children.- VII Conclusion.- VIII Discussion of Results.- References.- 6 Sublexical Units and Suprasegmental Structure in Speech Production Planning.- I Introduction.- II Error Evidence on the Nature of Sublexical Computational Units.- III Role of Suprasegmental Structure in Sublexical Serial Order Processing.- IV A Serial Ordering Component in the Production Planning Model.- V Conclusion.- References.- 7 A "Dynamic Pattern" Perspective on the Control and Coordination of Movement.- I Introduction.- II Coordinative Structures as Constraints.- III Properties of Coordinative Structures.- IV Rationalizing Coordinative Structures as "Dynamic Patterns".- V Concluding Remarks.- Reference Notes.- References.- II Production Constraints and Sound Patterns of Language.- 8 Cross-Linguistic Studies of Speech Production.- References.- 9 The Origin of Sound Patterns in Vocal Tract Constraints.- I Introduction.- II Speech Aerodynamics.- III Conclusion.- References.- 10 Economy of Speech Gestures.- I Introduction.- II Coarticulation.- III Vowel Reduction.- IV Speech and General Motor Behavior.- V Phonological Adaptations.- VI Summary.- References.- 11 Design Features of Speech Sound Systems.- I Introduction.- II Examples of Features and Their Articulatory and Acoustic Correlates.- III Constraints on Sound Patterns Other Than Those Described by Feature-Related Properties.- IV Concluding Remarks.- References.- III Two Perspectives.- 12 In Favor of Some Uncommon Approaches to the Study of Speech.- I Introduction-Phonology vs. Phonetics.- II Intonation: Where a Hybrid Approach is Required.- III The Relevance of a Hybrid Approach to Segmental Problems.- IV Conclusion.- References.- 13 Some Reflections on Speech Research.- I Introduction.- II Retrospective: Speech Research to the 1960s.- III Prospective: Concepts and Approaches.- References.- Author Index.- Language Index.
This monograph arose from a conference on the Production of Speech held at the University of Texas at Austin on April 28-30, 1981. It was sponsored by the Center for Cognitive Science, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Linguistics and Psychology Departments. The conference was the second in a series of conferences on human experimental psychology: the first, held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Psychology Department, resulted in publication of the monograph Neural Mechanisms in Behavior, D. McFadden (Ed.), Springer-Verlag, 1980. The choice of the particular topic of the second conference was motivated by the belief that the state of knowledge of speech production had recently reached a critical mass, and that a good deal was to be gained from bringing together the foremost researchers in this field. The benefits were the opportunity for the participants to compare notes on their common problems, the publication of a monograph giving a comprehensive state-of-the-art picture of this research area, and the provision of enormous intellectual stimulus for local students of this topic.

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