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A Global Perspective
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K. S. Warren
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Proceedings of a Meeting in Bellagio, Italy, April, 1982
History of Parasitology.- 1 Emergence and Early Development of Parasitology.- Current Status of Parasitic Diseases.- 19 Parasistic Diseases in the South (Developing Worl).- 45 Human Helminthic and Protozoan Infections in the North.- 62 The Importance of Parasitic Diseases.- Perspectives on Research in Parasitology.- 75 Parasitology: The Goverment Interest in the United Kingdom.- 79 Parasitology: Commonwealth Perspectives.- 85 Parasitology Research in the Universities of Britain and Northern Europe.- 95 Research in Parasitology in French and Overseas Pasteur Institutes.- 114 Research in parasitology: martinsinovski Institure, USSR.- 117 ParasitoloRical Research in Institutes in China.- 127 The Australian School of Parasitology: Current Status and Prospects.- 141 Biomedical Research at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.- Teaching Parasitology.- 158 Teaching Medical Parasitology.- Literature of Parasitology.- The Status of the Parasitology Literature: Linkages to Modern Biology.- The New Parasitology.- 191 Toward the Development of New Drugs for Parasitic Diseases.- 203 The Role of Molecular Biology in Parasitology.- 214 The Role of Membrane Research in the Future Control of Parasitic Diseases.- 220 Cell Biology and the Future of Parasitology.- 228 Immunology and Parasitic Diseases.- 236 The Biology of Parasitism (Course at Woods Hole) and The Future of Immunology (As It Pertains to Parasitology).- 246 The Consequences of New Approaches in Parasitological Research.- International Networks for Research in Parasitology.- 256 The WHO Network.- 240 The Wellcome Trust Network.- 273 The Great Neglected Diseases: A Global Network for Biomedical Research.- 281 The Funding of Parasitological Research.
The science ofparasitology is particularlyrelevantto the health ofhumans and animals throughout the world. As such, it provides the core of the Rockefeller Foundation program ofbiomedical research called The Great Neglected Diseases of Mankind. While some bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases are included in this program, the parasiticdiseases caused bypro tozoa and helminths almost uniformly fit into this category. Many ofthem infect vast numbers of people and animals (of the order of hundreds of millions), but theyare greatlyneglected bythe scientific establishmentof the modern world. The principal reason for this neglect, both scientific and financial, is the fact that these diseases are primarily problems ofthe developing world. Hence, no vaccines exist for anyofthe human parasitic diseases; for many, treatment is either nonexistent or highly toxic; and diagnosis still relies largely on the visual examination ofbiopsies, blood, and excreta. In contrast, the discovery ofa spate ofantibiotics has revolu tionized treatment of bacterial diseases, and vaccines have been devel opedfor manybacterial andviral diseases. Furthermore, the field ofmicro biology, which deals largely with bacteriology and virology, has sparked the scientific revolutions ofimmunology and molecular biology. In order to examine the present status of parasitology and the reasons for its putative neglect, as well as to develop means of remedying the sit uation, aseries ofconferences has been convened, bringing together clas sical parasitologists and a new and complementary breed of parasite-ori ented immunologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and population ecologists.

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