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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1995

Software Methods for Business Reengineering

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I. What is Business Reengineering.- 1. The Established and the Reengineered.- 2. Business Reengineering is Not New.- 3. The Purpose of Reengineering.- 4. Steps in the Reengineering Effort.- 5. Making the Most of Human Resources.- 6. The Nature of a Process.- II. What is Software Engineering.- 7. Engineering Principles in Software Development.- 8. Classifications of Software.- 9. Modularization and Requirements Engineering.- 10. Software Quality Attributes.- 11. The Software Development Process.- 12. Software Cost and Risk Estimation.- III. Business Analysis.- 13. Analysis of Business Activities.- 14. Individual Interviews.- 15. Group Sessions.- 16. Business Process Prototyping.- IV. The Reengineering Blueprint.- 17. From Natural Language to Entities and Relationships.- 18. State Transitions and Control Flows.- 19. Control Flows in Terms of Petri Nets.- 20. From ER Diagrams to Information Modules.- 21. From Flow Diagrams to Process Modules.- 22. Validation of the Blueprint.- V. Information-Control Systems.- 23. Specification of Business Processes.- 24. The Specification Language SF.- 25. An SF Specification: An Editorial Office.- 26. A Case Study: Order Processing.- VI. Implementation of Reengineering.- 27. The Reengineering Process.- 28. Determination of Priorities.- 29. Legacy Software.- 30. The Communication Infrastructure.- 31. User Interfaces.- 32. Maintainability and Reusability.- Appendices.- A. Basic Mathematical Notations.- B. A Reading Guide.- References.
An approach to reorganising businesses using software engineering as a guiding paradigm. The author argues that software engineering provides both the necessary analytical expertise as well as the tools to transform process descriptions to support systems. He begins by introducing the necessary concepts, principles and practice before demonstrating how a business can define and construct the information base required. As a result, any manager or technically-minded person will learn here how to implement the reengineering of a business.

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Autor: Alfs Berztiss
ISBN-13:: 9780387945538
ISBN: 0387945539
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.1995
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 587g
Seiten: 275
Sprache: Deutsch
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