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Mental Health Computing

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Marvin J. Miller
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Computers and Medicine

In recent years a rich palette of information technology has been quietly revolutionizing mental health care. Many computer applications are now available to help mantal health clinicans and administrators both in patient evaluation and treatment, and in mental health management, education, and research. This book is a definitve, authoritative source describing current, state-of-the-art information systems available to mental health professionals. Edited and authored by pioneers in the field, this book objectively describes the new technologies, design features, and functionality that will be implemented over the next decade. The book provides vital insight into the capabilities and limitations of information systems. Mental health care organization executives, caregivers, and information staff will find this volume an invaluable survey of what is available today through information technology. Beacause it cuts through marketplace promises and hyperbole to identify the essential capabilities to be expected from software, this book will be an indespensable resource for those seeking to empower users and beneficiaries of this technology through informed and sophisticated investments in mental health information systems.
I. Clinical Evaluation and Treatment Software.- 1. MR-E The Mental Retardation-Expert: Performance Support for Clinicians.- 2. Sexpert: An Expert System for Sexual Assessment, Counseling, and Treatment.- 3. Computerized Assessment System for Psychotherapy Evaluation and Research (CASPER): Development and Current Status.- 4. Computer-Assisted Assessment, Psychotherapy, Education, and Research.- 5. Computerized Psychiatric Assessment in Outpatient Practice.- 6. Development, Problem Solving, and Generalized Learning: The Therapeutic Learning Program (TLP).- 7. Voice Interactive Computers for Attitudinal Interviewing.- 8. How to Create Your Own Computerized Questionnaires.- 9. Clinical Experience With a Prescription Writer Program.- II. Quality and Cost Control Issues.- 10. Planning for Large-Scale Integrated Clinical Information Systems.- 11. Shifting the Paradigm in Outcome Quality Management.- 12. Using Information Systems to Improve Quality of Care.- 13. Treatment Planner: A VA Blueprint for Managed Mental Health Care.- 14. Automated Methods of Clinical Quality Management.- 15. Monitoring Certification of Independent Providers of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services.- 16. Impact of Managed Care on Automation.- 17. VA National Mental Health Microcomputer Data Base System.- III. Knowledge Management.- 18. Computer-Based Education for Patients and Professionals.- 19. Systems for Accessing Knowledge at Point of Care.- 20. Tools for Developing Multimedia in Psychiatry.- 21. Hypertext Access to Psychiatric Information.- 22. Knowledge Coupling: Support for Psychiatric Decision Making.- 23. Neural Network Models in Psychiatry.- IV. Computer Acceptance and Planning for the Future.- 24. Computer Use and Attitudes in Community Mental Health Clinics.- 25. Severely Mentally Ill Client Acceptance of Automated Assessments in Mental Health.- 26. Barriers to Telemedicine in Psychiatry.- A Selected Bibliography Bruce W. Vieweg, James I. Hedlund, Matthew G. Hile.
Increasingly more computer applications are becoming available to assist mental health clinicians and administrators in patient evaluation and treatment and mental health management, education, and research. Topics covered include: automated assessment procedures; MR-E (The Mental Retardation Expert); computerized assessment system for psychotherapy evaluation and research; computer assisted therapy of stress related conditions; computerized patient evaluation in a clinical setting; computerized treatment planning; the VA national mental health database; networks; managed care; DSM-IV diagnosis; quality management; cost control; knowledge coupling; telemedicine; the clinical library assistant; and monitoring independent service providers.

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