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Introduction to Scientific Programming
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Introduction to Scientific Programming

Computational Problem Solving Using Maple and C
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Joseph L. Zachary
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This textbook introduces the student to problem-solving through the computer algebra system Maple and the C programming languages. It focuses on problem-solving through a five-step approach: identify the problem, develop a mathematical model, find a computational method to solve the model, implement the method in the appropriate language, assess the problem-solving process to identify mistakes and unwarrented assumptions. The couse has been develped at the University of Utah, Department of Computer Science by Joseph Zachary. The couses has been a service for enineering students, although it is also taken by phsics and mathematics students occasionally.
1) World Population 2) Kitty Hawk 3) Cantilevered Blocks 4)Exponential Growth 5) Ballistic Trajectories 6) Destroyers 7)Computing Roots of Equations 8) Introduction to C 9) C ProgramStatements 10) C Functions 11) CConditionals 12) C While Loops13) Introduction to Numerical Integration 14) C Arrays 15) C FileInput and Output
"Introduction to Computational Science" was developed over a period of two years at the University of Utah Department of Computer Science in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy-funded Undergraduate Computation in Engineering Science (UCES) program. Each chapter begins by introducing a problem and then guiding the student through its solution. The computational techniques needed to solve the problem are developed as necassary, making the motivation for learning the computing alwasy apparent. Each chapter will introduce a single problem that will be used to motivate a single computing concept. The notes currently consist of 15 chapters. The first seven chapters deal with Maple and the last eight with C. The textbook will contain 20 to 30 chapters covering a similar mix of concepts at a finer level of detail.

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