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Family Medicine
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Family Medicine

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Jeffrey G. Hirsch
750 g
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1 Dermatology.- Papulosquamous Eruptions.- Pyodermas.- Viral Infection.- Infestations.- Dermatitis.- Vascular Disorders.- Hyperplasia.- Neoplasia, Benign.- Neoplasia, Premalignant.- Neoplasia, Malignant.- 2 Ophthalmology.- Diseases of the Outer Eye.- Refractive Errors.- Diseases of the Lids.- Disease of the Conjunctiva.- Disease of the Lens.- Glaucoma.- Disease of the Retina.- Ocular Tumors.- 3 Otorhinolaryngology.- Ear.- Sinus.- Nose.- Oral Cavity.- Throat.- Larynx.- 4 Pulmonary Disease.- Infections.- Pleural Effusion.- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.- Lung Cancer.- Interstitial Lung Disease.- Pulmonary Embolus.- Sleep Apnea.- 5 Cardiology.- Coronary Heart Disease.- Hypertension.- Acute Myocardial Infarction.- Congestive Heart Failure.- Arrhythmias.- Valvular Heart Disease.- Infections.- Cardiomyopathy.- Acute Rheumatic Fever.- 6 Gastroenterology.- Esophagus.- Stomach.- Small and Large Bowel.- Gallbladder.- Liver.- Pancreas.- 7 Nephrology.- Glomerular Syndromes.- Acute Renal Failure.- Chronic Renal Failure.- 8 Urology.- Kidney.- Bladder.- Urethra.- Prostate.- Testicle.- 9 Gynecology Including Breast.- Vulva/Vagina.- Cervix.- Uterus.- Fallopian Tubes.- Ovary.- Breast.- 10 Obstetrics.- Diagnosis of Pregnancy.- Initial Prenatal Visit.- Interval Screening.- Labor and Delivery.- Apgar Scores.- 11 Orthopedics/Rheumatology.- Osteomyelitis.- Arthritis.- Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.- 12 Endocrinology/Metabolic.- Diabetes Mellitus.- Pituitary Disease.- Thyroid Disease.- Parathyroid Disease.- Adrenal Disease.- Osteoporosis.- Gout.- Hyperlipoproteinemias.- 13 Neurology.- Headaches.- Seizures.- Infection.- Neoplasia.- Stroke.- Parkinson's Disease.- Alzheimer's Disease.- 14 Hematology.- Red Blood Cell Disorders.- White Blood Cell Disorders.- Lymphoma.- 15 Infectious Disease.- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.- Syphilis.- Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.- Lyme Disease.- Rubeola.- Mumps.- Rubella.- Varicella-Zoster.- Infectious Mononucleosis.- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.- Infectious Diarrhea.- 16 Self-Assessment Examination.- Answers.
Studying for licensure examinations is like eating a twelve course meal: if you try and do it in five minutes, it will make you sick. As you prepare, pace yourself, don't memorize but review, and, most importantly, a few days before the examina tion, try and get some rest. I don't think I've ever heard of a soul who looked forward to this examination, and I can assure you no one has ever walked out saying "What a wonderful experi ence." Think of this ordeal as a rite of passage and try to remember that most of you will make it through. I'd like to thank Dr. Ron Krug for his continued support and guidance, not only in the preparation of this text, but through the years. Additional thanks to Dr. Rita Claudet for continued suggestions and editing of this text. Good luck in your studies and remember what Winston Churchill said, "Never, never, never, give up!" Jeffrey G. Hirsch, M.D.

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