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Comparative Hearing: Insects
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Comparative Hearing: Insects

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Richard R. Fay
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This volume on insects introduces the hearing research community and entomologists to the extensive literature on the ways that insects detect and process sounds. Each of the chapters is written by a leading expert in the field, and together they comprise the first comprehensive treatment of insect hearing. Comparative Hearing: Insects provides reviews of the behavior, physiology, mechanics and biophysics of insect hearing. It gives the reader considerable insight into insect hearing as well as applications to other animal models.
1 Acute as a Bug's Ear: An Informal Discussion of Hearing in Insects.- 2 Biophysics of Sound Localization in Insects.- 3 The Sensory Ecology of Acoustic Communication in Insects.- 4 Development of the Insect Auditory System.- 5 Neural Processing of Acoustic Signals.- 6 The Evolutionary Innovation of Tympanal Hearing in Diptera.- 7 The Vibrational Sense of Spiders.- 8 The Sensory Coevolution of Moths and Bats.
The Springer Handbook of Auditory Research presents a series of compre hensive and synthetic reviews of the fundamental topics in modern auditory research. The volumes are aimed at all individuals with interests in hearing research, including advanced graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and clinical investigators. The volumes are intended to introduce new in vestigators to important aspects of hearing science and to help established investigators to better understand the fundamental theories and data in fields of hearing that they may not normally follow closely. Each volume is intended to present a particular topic comprehensively, and each chapter serves as a synthetic overview and guide to the literature. As such, the chapters present neither exhaustive data reviews nor original research that has not yet appeared in peer-reviewed journals. The volumes focus on topics that have developed a solid data and conceptual foundation, rather than on those for which a literature is only beginning to develop. New research areas will be covered on a timely basis in the series as they begin to mature.

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