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Applied Wavelet Analysis with S-PLUS
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Applied Wavelet Analysis with S-PLUS

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Andrew Bruce
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234x155x17 mm

This book provides an introduction to wavelet analysis with the statistical software system S-PLUS. The book will be of interest primarily to electrical engineers and statisticians. The authors are employees of MathSoft, the publishers of S-PLUS.
1. Introduction; 2. Wavelet Analysis of 1-D Signals; 3. Wavelet Analysis of Images; 4. Exploratory Wavelet Analysis; 5. More on Wavelet Analysis; 6. Nonparametric Estimation with Wavelets; 7. Wavelet Packet Analysis; 8. Cosine Packet Analysis; 9. Wavelet Packet and Cosine Packet Analysis of Images; 10. Matching Pursuits and Molecules; 11. Variation on Wavelet Analysis; 12. Wavelet Algorithms and Filters; 13. Wavelet Packet and Cosine Packet Algorithms; 14. Boundary Conditions; A. Orthogonal Wavelet Functions; B. Biorthogonal Wavelet Functions; C. Wavelet Classes and Objects; D. S+ Wavelets Function List
Using a visual data analysis approach, wavelet concepts are explained in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand. Furthermore, in addition to wavelets, a whole range of related signal processing techniques such as wavelet packets, local cosine analysis, and matching pursuits are covered, and applications of wavelet analysis are illustrated -including nonparametric function estimation, digital image compression, and time-frequency signal analysis. This book and software package is intended for a broad range of data analysts, scientists, and engineers. While most textbooks on the subject presuppose advanced training in mathematics, this book merely requires that readers be familiar with calculus and linear algebra at the undergraduate level.

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