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Autor: Anthony Clarke
ISBN-13: 9780415297943
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2003

Teacher Inquiry: Living the Research in Everyday Practice

Section 1. Introduction 1. Beginning, Learning and Living Practice A. Clarke and G. Erickson Section 2. Enacting Teacher Research in Practice Settings 1. Writing What Matters Through Teacher Research: Balancing Authenticity with the Demands of Standards and Assessment K. Douillard and J. Hamilton 2. Looking Closely: Learning from Emergent Writers D. McNamara 3. Shall We Dance? Matching Student Teachers with Sponsor Teachers P. Gouzouasis and B. Leigh 4. One Teacher Researcher's Continued Quest to Improve Her Students' Vocabulary to Boost Their Achievement in Reading, Writing and Mathematics V. Acklin 5. A Bridging of Circles for Teacher Researchers: Tunngavik Homework Helpers J. Kreuger, E. Kreuger, N. Hart, H. dePeuters, S. Peryouar and D. Cooper 6. Facilitating Professional Growth: Examining The Practice of Directors of Education and Pedagogical Consultants F. Halliday, B. Tarrant and A. Rose 7. The Teacher Research: The Tapestry of Practice R. Avery, D. Henderson, S. Dhillon, K. Lavery and L. Panziera 8. What are the new literacies? Researchers and teachers writing and teaching and living with the questions E. Hasebe-Ludt, R. Bright, C. Chambers, L. Fowler M. Pollard and, P. Winsor 9. Teacher Research and Junior Genesis: An Alternative Learning Experience for Students A. M. Slak 10. How Have We Grown: Reflections on Five Years of Teacher Research H. St. Maurice, K. Cook, A. Cragg, D. Nelson, T. J. Pharo-Kosak, S. Radley and K. Stouse Section 3. Methods and Models of Teacher Research 1. Using a World Wide Web Site for Reflecting and Theorizing about Real Classroom Practices G. Hoban 2. Problem-Based Learning: A Research Tool for Teacher Researchers E. Jordan and M. Porath 3. Poetic Moments in the Classroom: Using Poetry as a Means to Analyze Teacher Research A. Nicole Gulla 4. Experiences of Fear and Pain in Teaching: An Arts-Based Inquiry In Teacher Research S. Walsh 5. Knowing is Not Enough: Developing A Teacher Researcher Personal Portfolio K. Childs and R. Luppicini 6. The Creative Process: Using Image and Identity to Explore Self-As-Teacher- Researcher C. Derry. R. Luppicinni and K. Childs Section 4. Emergent Issue in Teacher Research 1. Exploring the Nature of Teacher Research J. Loughran 2. What are my standards of practice as I support teachers to conduct research on their practice? J. Delong 3. Working on the Underbelly of the Underdog: Listening for the Ring-of -Truth in a Teacher-Researcher's Story J. McBride 4. The Restrictions and Restrainst of Teacher Research; Reality or Tale: A critical analysis of Teacher Research S. Faterni 5. Self Evaluation for School Improvement J. McNiff 6. (Part contents)
The importance of educational research for professional development and classroom practice is becoming increasingly significant. This collection looks at both enacting teacher research and the methologies involved within it.

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Autor: Anthony Clarke
ISBN-13:: 9780415297943
ISBN: 041529794X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2003
Gewicht: 581g
Seiten: 247
Sprache: Englisch
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