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Autor: M.J. Kirton
ISBN-13: 9780415298513
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Erscheinungsdatum: 24.07.2003


In the Context of Diversity and Change
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Kirton outlines the central concepts of Adaption-Innovation theory (A-I theory), including the processes of problem solving, decision making and creativity.
Introduction. A Guiding Outline. A Background Study. Its Residual Problems. Its Conclusions. Organisation of Cognitive Function. Problem Solving is the Key to Life. The Brain's Problem-solving Departments. Defining Style. Describing and Measuring Adaption-Innovation. Description. Perception of Change. Measure. Style and Personality Theory. Style and Dimensions of Personality. Style and Personality Relationships. Structure and Cognition. Problem Solving and Learning Theory. Decision Making. From Concepts to Paradigms. The Paradox of Structure. Problems with Creativity. Its Definition. Creativity, Innovation and Invention. Style, Level, Process and Technique. Level. Process. Technique. Link with the Management Literature. Problem Solving and Social Structure. On Defining Normal Change. The Search for Ideal Leaders and Ideal Solutions. An Example in Depth May Help. The Management of Diversity. Diversity of Problems and People. Adaption-Innovation as a Problem of Diversity. Development of Complexity. Management of Diversity Needs to be Taught. Managing Cognitive Gap. Agents of Change. Climates of Change. Cognitive Climate. Leaders and Bridgers. Coping Behaviour. Coping, Stress, and Disorder. The Management of Change. Alternative Climates. The Progression of Change. The Pendulum of Change. The Spiral of Change. The Making of Resisters to Change. The Environment as Opportunity for Change. The Problem-solving Leader. Appendix 1: Management Initiative Case Studies. Appendix 2: Examples of Instinct. Appendix 3: The Curse of Progress. Appendix 4: Stamp's Level vs. Style Schema. Appendix 5: Cognitive Style in War. Appendix 6: KAI Tables. References. Name Index. Test and Measure Index. Subject Index.
Adaption-Innovation theory (A-I theory) is a model of problem solving and creativity, which aims to increase collaboration and reduce conflict within groups. A-I Theory and the associated Kirton Adaption-Innovation (KAI) inventory have been extensively researched and are increasingly used as tools for teambuilding and personnel management. In "Adaption-Innovation: In the Context of Change and Diversity," Kirton outlines the central concepts of the theory, including the processes of problem solving, decision making and creativity.
Autor: M.J. Kirton
Dr. M. J. Kirton is the director and founder of the Occupational Research Centre, with many years' experience in academia and management. He originated the Adaption-Innovation Theory and its measure KAI. He was awarded a DSc by the Council for national Academic Awards in 1991 for his work on Adaption-Innovation.

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Autor: M.J. Kirton
ISBN-13:: 9780415298513
ISBN: 0415298512
Erscheinungsjahr: 24.07.2003
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Gewicht: 730g
Seiten: 416
Sprache: Englisch
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